10 Things to do to Prep for Spring

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March 8, 2011
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10 Things to do to Prep for Spring

Hello lovelies! I am very excited Spring is upon us. This Winter was an exceptional one. More snow than I ever experienced in all my life all combined. So with great joy, I am brining you 10 things to do to prep for Spring, because after all if it’s Spring in your mind, it’s Spring outside!

1.) How does your Garden Grow?

We don’t have a green thumb. Not even close. I kill about 75% of the plants that come into this house, but I am determined to grow a garden of fruits, veggies, and flowers. I am prepared this year! Wish me luck!

2.) Purge, Donate, Trash, and Breathe.

Gotta lotta clutta? Somehow we racked up about a million boxes, filled every closet, and already want to swap out furniture we got specifically for the house – and it’s only been 15 months. Check out a challenge room, which has turned into a catch all…

Ugh..thanks goodness it’s Spring in my head and I got to cleaning out this unused breakfast nook. We have bigger and better plans for this space, and we cant wait to share. But for now, at least she’s clean.

We threw away a bunch, made a box for donations, and stored some away. We gave ourselves a one box limit for stuff we don’t use, but wanted to keep. If we don’t touch what’s in the box by next Spring, off to donations it will go. 

3.) Lighten Up!

I feel better in Spring. I like to walk the dogs, go outside, and notice things more. This year I am going to buy a bicycle and explore my “new” town more. Maybe you are into Yoga or hiking. Whatever your thing, Spring is surely the time to wash the stress away and do something you like. 

4.) Get Together

We love having BBQ’s! People in “the city” don’t like crossing bridges and tunnels to get to those of us who no longer dwell there. Hence, it’s a special occasion when we all get together to just hang out and do nothing and everything at once. Spring is the perfect time for those get togethers. It’s far enough away from Christmas, and before we start our Summer travels. Plan a get together. It’s worth it.

5.) Make Do

The sunshine aint gonna quit once Spring is “really” here! Make stuff. Fix stuff. Alter stuff! So many farmers markets will have scrumptious fruits, make a tart! Paint the house (God knows we need to!), build something, use those extra day light hours to get done what you lost this Winter. 

6.) Go Shopping!

Even if it’s window shopping. Shopping draws inspiration. It shows you the trends, what’s new, and even how to rework what you already have. We love shopping, even when we don’t buy anything.  

7.) Plan a Road Trip/Get out of Town

This is a must. What’s better than the wind in your hair? Driving down an empty highway seeing new sights? Spring is so the time for this! Plan something now! It will make you miss home in addition to creating some new memories and perhaps finding something cool to bring home with you. 

8.) Scrub, Scrub Scrub

Here is a quick guide to scrub your abode to make it squeaky clean this Spring. 

  • Pour boiling water down all sinks including, kitchen, bathtubs, and bathrooms
  • Put the winter comforters away, and pull out the lighter stuff
  • Run the washing machine with only vinegar added, your next load should be whites only
  • Vacuum and mop under all bulky furniture including the fridge, behind heaters, and inside fireplaces
  • Wipe down all small kitchen appliances and electronics, including the power cords 
  • Steam clean the curtains
  • Take down all hanging art, mirrors and picture frames and dust
  • Wash baseboards throughout house and fans in every room
  • Swap out high wattage bulbs for energy-efficient 3-way bulbs
  • Take all books and trinkets off bookshelves and dust
  • Take all rugs outside and beat them
  • Clean out closets and donate what you don’t need
  • Set up your compost
  • Set up your seedlings indoors (yay!)
  • Make some cleaning solutions* see below for some recipes
  • Clean fridge out and replace a baking soda
  • Buy new cleaning tools
    I got a little book Make Your Place, and it has a ton of info on how to make a lot of your own cleaning solutions and a whole lot more. Here are a few of my faves:
    All Purpose Spray Cleaner:
    1 t liquid castile soap
    2 T white vinegar
    3 Drops Tea Tree Oil
    1 t Borax
    2 C hot water
    1/4 t eucalyptus & lavender oil
    Mix all ingredients together in spray bottle. Don’t use on glass. 
    Homemade Bleach:
    1 c hydrogen peroxide
    15 c water
    3 T lemon Juice
    Mix together and keep in large plastic container. 


9.) Refresh

I love the smell of fresh sheets and a clean house. Which is why I love the days that follow the big Spring Clean! I refresh the decor in the house, and switch out fabrics, swap out trinkets, and it really makes me feel like Spring when I do this – with open windows of course!

10.) Enjoy!

What’s all the hard work worth if you can’t enjoy Spring?

What do you do to prep for the Spring? Do you have a cleaning list or a home made recipe for cleaning solutions? Share!


  1. Carmel says:

    I never heard the boiling water down the drains before – totally going to try that! I think it's funny the different terms that people across the country use. Here in the South people call BBQ's "cook-outs" 🙂 I'm from California where BBQ is the correct terminology.

  2. amymargaretc says:

    Great ideas, thanks for posting! I am SO looking forward to spring… it is still snowing up here in good ole Canada… snow snow snow… I want spring!!

  3. Love the cleaning tips…thank you. We've had a taste of the spring cleaning thing since our basement flooded. Once we get that situated again, then we can start on the upper part of the house. It has been a wild winter this season. Can't wait to see something green again grow out of the ground! Nice post and enjoy your blog. Thanks.


  4. Joey and Lana Make a House a Home says:

    @carmel, just don't do it when it's still cold out! you'll ruin the pipes! thanks for the love!

  5. Joey and Lana Make a House a Home says:

    @amy just keep thinking "it's spring in my mind" 🙂

  6. Joey and Lana Make a House a Home says:

    @kevin thanks for the kindness. that stinks about your basement! what kind of flood was it? hope the clean up goes fast + safe.

  7. Julie says:

    Thanks for the list. I know you mind find this crazy but I never really 'spring clean'….like in a weekend time frame. I do some of the above list…when I feel like it…hahaha

    What kind of flooring do you have in the challenge room? It's beautiful…to me.

  8. Joey and Lana Make a House a Home says:

    @julie – yr not crazy at all! you do what works for you 🙂 those floors are from ikea. they are place holder floors to cover up the horrid linoleum ones the house came with. thanks for stopping by!

  9. Hi! Thank you for sharing the tips, I will do what the steps states. Will do clean clean first then meet the spring with a happy face and lighten up myself and do enjoyable things like the tips joey and lana shared. Love the post! Thank you once again!

  10. replica says:

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