DIY Pillow Project

During winter break, Joey and I decided to get down to business and start making some gifts for our home. I made this pillow quite easily after I saw many I loved, but cost upwards of $200! I bought some burlap on (check out our store) and some pretty fabric on, then I got working.

You can make your own pillow(s) whatever size you like. I had some extra pillows from ikea laying around, so I worked around their size.


Do it yourself:

Measure your pillow and cut your fabric 3 inches extra on each side

Do the same with your burlap, except on one side of your burlap add an extra 6 inches

Take the TOP of your printed fabric and sew your ribbon on the design side up AND wrap the ribbon around to the wrong side as well. This will give you great reenforcement for your buttons. Sew the top and bottom of your ribbon so it’s super secure.

Use your sewing machine (or your needle and thread) to sew up the 3 sides that match, leaving the extended burlap side free. Do this with your fabric WRONG SIDE UP. Sew with leaving 2 inches of excess on all 3 sides.

Now turn inside out – so you can see the “pillow case”. I tested it and stuck the pillow inside to make sure it was a good snug fit. Make any adjustments you need to at this point.

Once you have a good fit, put the pillow inside and take the extended burlap flap and stick it over the pillow between the pillow and the case.

Line up your ribbon edge with the burlap and decided where you want your buttons to be.

Sew buttons im place and use an xacto to cut button holes through the ribbon.

Button them up – and you got yourself a new pillow!





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