May 20, 2010

Final Touches on the entryway, or not….

  Horse or flowers? To moustache or not to moustache? We thought we figured it out, but now we need a vote! While cleaning up I peeked out the window to see how the plants were doing and much to my surprise these amazing bursts or white and pink peonies were hanging out. I immediately snipped some and now I want to show them off. Flowers + horse do not look good together. Thoughts on how to make this space look more coordinated?
May 19, 2010

The Wallpaper Crush Continues

Upon the discovery of that lovely fern wallpaper, we dug deeper into hermitage (cross fingers the url is working) and discovered a slew of wallpaper too delicious not to consider. Amazing selection of children’s wallpaper (hey! we are proactive…), kitchen bedroom, office, hallways….let’s just say our brains are spinning. The office wallpaper is now final….now what to do about eveything else? Take a peek below and see what are minds are all batty about!  
May 17, 2010

Elephant's Trunk Recap

At 5:am our alarm woke us up on Sunday (we hit snooze about 10 times). By 6:30am we were our of the house and on our way to Connecticut to Elephant’s Trunk. When we arrived at 7:30am we were kind of surprised to see a packed parking lot and tons of people already leaving with their new-found treasures. It was not exactly what we were dreaming it would be, a bit smaller, a bit less organized, however we were pleasantly surprised by the time we left, four hours later. Most of the vendors were pushing antiques, which was a bonus […]
May 12, 2010

Antiques and Fleas

We are so over the moon excited to go to Elephant’s Trunk this weekend! A friend of mine told us about it in November (It closes end of November) and we never made it! Now we are totally prepared – renting a van and getting there early! If you live in the tri-state of area, and you don’t know about this wonderful antique market, read on! As one walks down the many aisles of The Elephant’s Trunk, one can view a variety of merchandise. This merchandise includes glassware, health products, vintage and new tools, vintage clothing, coins, decoys, old and […]
May 4, 2010

Hey World! Inspire Me! That means you!

A big questions I ask when we do 10 Questions With… is “Where do you find inspiration“?  I am going to tell you a little secret. I must have ADD. Whenever I seek inspiration I find myself walking down link lane from one site to the next, endlessly “getting lost” on the internet highway. I start out with my favorites:     These have been old tried and true faves. I am most likely not introducing you to anything you don’t already know, huh? I seriously get lost in they beautiful posts everyday. So dear reader, here is your challange: […]