July 28, 2010

Houston, here we come!

Joey and I will be taking a little blog break this week, as we are heading to Houston for a friends wedding! We hope you have a wonderful week, and check back on Monday for a new post. We are excite to share office and bedroom progress. We even bought a new furniture piece we are dying to share! In the mean time, our friend will be house and puppy sitting – holding down the fort if you will.   xo, J&L
July 22, 2010

Knit Whitty!

I am in love with knit and crochet furniture. Especially chairs. They seem to be made specifically to be placed next to a window or fireplace. I have been hard pressed to find any for sale, but I was delighted when I came across a decent collection of inspiration. Perhaps I will teach myself to knit or crochet and Joey and I can have a new project on our hands! In the meantime, let’s drool over these. 1. pencil-roving.blogspot.com 2. readymade.com  3. sproutstyleblog.com 4. madebygirl.com 5. madebygirl.com 6. indigoalison.blogspot.com
July 20, 2010

Home Goods at…..Zara?

Hard to image, but Zara, does in fact have home goods. Just not here in the states. The reasonably priced merch canvases most areas of the home surprisingly. I captured a few of my favorite pieces. Anyone know if they plan on opening up the home section to the states? I would love another haunt!  
July 15, 2010

Bird, Bird, Bird is the Word!

The other day we were walking across our front yard and came across a baby bird sitting in the middle of a patch of grass. It was not scared of us at all. In fact he/she “asked” us for some food. Naturally we complied. Joey found him/her (let’s call this baby bird Chirp) a worm and I used an eye dropper to give it some water. Then, we were stumped. We had no idea where Chirp came from, and if we should put him back. Joey hopped on the interweb and did some research, and we wanted to share this […]
July 12, 2010

Four Rooms, One Goal

I am going to vent for a second. I love a white room. It seems most people do, in fact. I want an all white kitchen for example. However, all I see is people with white houses, room after room. I am getting a little freaked out. Are Joey and I the only people who think the “all-white-thing” is a little creepy/sterile? Looking at pretty pictures in one thing, but after viewing homes in person with all white, everything, I feel like it’s missing something, like warmth, they homey feel, ….color. Design is a funny thing, and we all have […]
July 7, 2010

A growing to do list

We hope you had an amazing holiday weekend packed with fun and friends! We had our first official gathering on 4th O’ July. Friends and family came from afar to celebrate, eat, and play. Much of our time over the past few weeks was dedicated to preparation of said event. Now that most of our guests have departed, reality is setting in. We are knee deep in furnishing a chair, building a bed, redoing the front yard, slight clean up on the floors Joey just laid down in the kitch, figuring out the drive way, and so much more. Before […]