Kids Room, Take Two

Can you tell I am ready to have a baby? Haha. Maybe it’s because everyone around me has kids, or is preggo! Joey and I are pretty darn good at making a plan and sticking to it when it comes to life altering event, ie, baby. Our plan is to start trying in September, and cross fingers it happens by November. Is this too personal? I just want to justify to you, our lovely reader a.) we aren’t crazy for putting together a baby room without even being pregnant b.) we are obsessive planners because we are freelancers and each month is a whirlwind. Plan early, execute early, finish early – it’s kinda our thing when that thing matters. So with no further ado or explanations, a moodboard/thinkpad of our kids room in progress!

So, we nailed down the valance a few weeks back, and are so in love with the direction the windows are taking. This is where we are traveling with them next…

source  & soure

Pom Pom Curtains! Yes! Pom Poms! I ordered some black pom poms and will be doing a DIY tutorial soon. These things seem to be expensive if bought pre sewn.

On the ceiling, we are seriously thinking about wallpapering this…


How sweet would that be to wake up to? It’s seriously dreamy! I love Julia Rothman’s designs! Furniture is going to be a long hard process of major research, so I am focusing on the fun stuff for the moment. Like these carousel/carnival letter lights.

Do you see where this is going? I am so excited about this room in particular because I have a million whimsy ideas that would not pass with Joey for the rest of our house. If it were up to me, it would look like the inside of a barn with gnomes and hearts everywhere, and I would redesign it every month. Thank God I have Joey to edit my whims. This room with be total peaceful whimsy bliss when I am through. Now off to find the perfect rug(s)!

If you have a kids room you are proud of, please share….as a matter of fact, your are offically invited to our first link party! Whoo Hoo!

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  1. I love those curtains! Where did you order your pom poms from? Great idea!

  2. YaY!!!! A baby……that'll be great & yes , you 2 are great at planning and executing. Good~Luck!!!! Not or the baby's room, but you ofcourse know of the paint that turns into a chalkboard once its dry. Also we have dry erase boards under the chair rails in Damian's room. That's great to do once they're a toddler.

  3. Those curtains are awesome – what could be "old-fashioned" look all fun and new with those "circus" type letters! When I saw you were having a link party, I added a link to my boys playroom that we completely re-did last summer (including installing new bamboo floors and built-in bookcases). What I think is very important in decorating/designing kids rooms is including them in the decisions (as soon as it's practical!) In my boys case, even though they're 9 & 13, they still don't mind sharing a bedroom so they can have the other room as a playroom. They wanted lots of space to play with legos, and more book shelves because they love, and have so many, books. I may have placed things differently, but they wanted that lego table (that awesome Daddy built) right smack dab in the middle. And they also LOVED the switch from carpet to bamboo, not for MY reasons, but for theirs: it's much easier to build lego worlds on flat surfaces!

    I know it's a long way away, but someday your kids will also have strong preferences…and I don't doubt you'll love to make those happen! (when practical…the boys had LOTS of crazy ideas that we couldn't have done no matter what!)

  4. Joey and Lana Make a House a Home says:

    @liz i got vintage one's on ebay! thanks so much!

  5. Joey and Lana Make a House a Home says:

    @darlene LOVE the dry erase idea! thanks! i am defiantly going to figure something out with that.

  6. Wish I had a link to share! I'm due in August and find out if it's a boy or girl next week….then it'll be full-blown nursery design time!

  7. Joey and Lana Make a House a Home says:

    @katie! Congrats! You will HAVE to share! how exciting, it's going to be a blast!

  8. I love the curtains! I don't have a link to share because we don't have kids yet but I completely understand the urge to plan ahead – I'm sure I'll feel that way too.

  9. Joey and Lana Make a House a Home says:

    @candy thanks so much for posting! i never know if i have enough readers to do something like this, but as i always say "one is reason enough" so thanks for being "one!" – I checked out the links and WOW ! LOVE what you did to the room – so fresh and airy, well done!

  10. Thanx for the shout out, Lana!
    As you know, we are going crazy over here getting ready for Buttercup to arrive. The furniture is on its way as we speak. Once her room is all complete, I'll participate in the link up. I love that idea!!!!
    Love u!

  11. Slateberry says:

    If you put that Rothman wallpaper on the ceiling, make sure you get Arthur Ransome's Swallows and Amazons series of books to go with it. Almost a hundred years old but still fresh, popular in England but little known here, and a treasure.

  12. Joey and Lana Make a House a Home says:

    @slateberry thanks for the tip! i added it to my wishlist on amazon. looks amazing :)

  13. thanks very godd

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