Last Days of Summer

Maybe it’s our inner child taking over, but we are really in the mood to slow down and enjoy life lately. With Joey’s 30th birthday yesterday, we totally took the last 72 hours off to celebrate him entering his 30’s and ignored the massive mid-project mess our house is this very moment. We started the celebration early Friday with a small group of old friends, and even a couple new ones. The place? A bar called Home Sweet Home in the Lower East Side. It just seemed so….fitting.

So with doughnuts from Doughnut Plant, our friends and some drinks, the fun began. After a few hours of hanging out and avoiding the rain outside, we headed to Freemans for some yummy food and stories.


The next morning (a wee bit hung over) we somehow accomplished to get up and drive to Philadelphia where I had arranged a fun day via Living Social Adventures. We were to show up and meet a group at a bus to drive to the Delaware River by 12:15pm for a fun day of tubing + pub party. Keep in mind that’s a two hour drive from Westchester and I was on 2 hours of total sleep. Somehow we made it and had a great time being lazy on the river and met some pretty nice people along the way. It was a long day. We didn’t get home until almost midnight. Lucky us, we got a little tan.

Sunday we totally expected to take it easy and celebrate quite style as it was Joey’s actual birthday. Seems we had a little spark left in us, so we headed to Williamsburg, Brooklyn with some friends. We had lunch at Fornino’s, which looked really good but I stopped eating three bites in because it seems a spider committed suicide in my watercress. Appetitelost. After that we shopped around and Joey picked up a tambourineand I got some light cages (so we can turn them into something, of course) and met up with more friends at a bar we use to go to all the time, Levee. We then ended up at our friends house where I cooked us dinner and we watched bad movies for the rest of the night.

It was nice to take some time “off”. Almost like a vacation. So what ever happened to the guest room? Lucky us, our friend rescheduled, but here’s where we are at:

Super close! I had to order more of that chevron fabric to make more curtains and today I am on “mission-wood-collection-at-all-costs”. We have to be done by this weekend, so hang tight! We will have finally finished our third room in the house!

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