Introducing, One-A-Week-Wednesday

Yes! Finally! I am committing to a schedule more and more in my old age, and Wednesday is the mother of all awsomeness for me now. I will be obligated to, get this, do something I have pinned on Pinterest. Yep. It’s my job people. Remember back in the Summer how Katie from Bower Power kicked off the Pinterest Challenege with Myself, Emily Henderson, and Young House Love? If you need to get up to date, check out the video below.

Also check out their Winter Pinterest Challenge if you haven’t already! Anywho…

Inspired by these past events, I decided to self proclaim a pinterst challenge weekly, to myself. Hence, One-A-Week-Wednesday. I have pinned over 200 DIY ideas, projects and inspiration on my “Let’s Make Something” board and have only accomplished one. Guess which one? The chalkboard fridge from the Pinterest Challenge! Yep!

pinterest challenge

Some projects are big (like huge-big), some are tiny. Some have more of a home ec thing going on, and other are puppy related.  Want to guess what we are working on for next week?

ikea sheep skin

One of these guys got us thinking, and we are working on getting her done! I love a good schedule and am so excited to have a “mandatory” DIY project on our plates that’s fun and inspired by other talents. We have a lot of not-so-creative projects going on around here, and this will spice reno up a bit!

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  1. Yippie for Pinterest. I've actually tackled quite a few of my "pins" recently. It's pretty exciting.

  2. Joey and Lana Make a House a Home says:

    @Julie you should totally share on wednesdays!

  3. One a week! That's impressive! I'm working on one a month!

  4. Joey and Lana Make a House a Home says:

    @monica ha! let's see how i do!

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