Little (Creepy) Boy: Finds a Home!


Remember our creepy little boy we adopted? Welp, we cleaned him up and found him a great place to live!

A few months back we “adopted” him at the amazing flea market, Elephants Trunk. Joey made a decision (with out me!) to use the left over spray chalkboard paint we used on the fridge to give the frame a facelift. Lucky for Joey, I really like the results.

It seemed last time we brought creepy boy up, in regards to where he should live, you guys had a lot to say! We really loved the guest bathroom idea, so that’s were we put him! After repainting that room, he really looks great and if I can convince Joey to paint that bathroom black, he will make a great foretelling of what the inside of the bathroom will look like!

It totally creeps us out how ghostly he looks, but at the same time we are a little obsessed with him. I love how perfect that spot is too. He points right at the bathroom. Awesome! Also, see that tiny hallway right outside the door? well it’s boxed in by four doors. I am thinking black and whit stripes right there. We’ll get into that another day. We just never showed you that before. We are full of secccrrreeeettts.

So, you think he’s looking good? Opposite of him is the newly stenciled wall. Now if I can just get my hands on some uniformed pallets, I can wrap this room up! So close!

Goooooo Peeeeeee! Haha sorry. I had to.

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  1. creepy boy is even creepier because of the show american horror story. i couldn't look at creepy boy and not think of the show!

  2. Maybe creepy "boy" is a very FUGLY girl??

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