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Not So Ugly Laundry Rooms! We are in the middle of designing our *new* and improved laundry room, and I am so excited! There is something about doing laundry I just love. The whole process, and then the results of that perfect smelling warm batch of freshly folded clothes, sheets, and towels. It’s pretty much my porn. Right now our laundry room is more like a stinky gross mess because it’s in our basement, and the basement isn’t finished. We are bringing it one level up before the babe gets here and putting it next to the kitchen. Smart move, eh?

So, I noticed most laundry rooms are kind of ugly, so finding inspiration was pretty hard. These guys are the lease offensive I have found so far. I like a little something about all of them, but am surely looking to be further inspired. Any suggestions?

white laundry room, marbel laundry room

organized laundry room, white laundry room

laundry shoot, laundry chute

white laundry room, lux laundry, luxe laundry

laundry room, white laundry room

round laundry room, white laundry room

laundry, modern laundry room, laundry design

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    Inspired by / 8

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