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Ohhhhh, this one-a-week project was a three week long ordeal! I tried to make air dried porcelain from scratch with zero success. It looked great, but was just too tacky to work with. Twice.  An hour of work at each attempt, and eight white glue containers later, I had this glob ready to rest for 24 hours. I took out a chunk to air dry and test. Not loving what happened next.

DIY Porcelain

When it dried, it looked like this crusty yellow mess. Not exactly what we had in mind when we had the idea to make some handmade gifts for family this year.

air dried porcelain, how to make porcelain

So, we went and bought some sculpy, and tried again. With the right material in hand (by all means venture and try and make your own air dried porcelain, but we loved the sculpy results!) this project was pretty fun! What you’ll need is:

  • 1 lb of sculpy. We got it for $10 with a 50% off coupon on Michaels.
  • a template of a house (we drew ours)
  • a sharp knife
  • rolling pin
  • parchment paper

diy house ornaments, how to make sclupy ornaments, clay bake ornaments, little houses

It’s all pretty simple, and we had a fun afternoon making these houses and some other fun stuff we are excited to share later! After you have your supplied gathered, kneed your scuply until it’s smooth and easier to work with then roll out your sculpy to about 1/4 or 1/8 of an inch. You will need it to bake 15 minutes for ever 1/4 of an inch, so keep that in mine when you are rolling out your clay.

how to make houses out of clay

Once rolled to the thickness you like, place your template on top and use your sharp knife to cut around.

DIY sculpy house, how to make clay houses

We made our template with using the little house as a place to put a tea light or small flowers, so we didn’t add a roof on purpose.

how to make sculpy house

We made little snakes and pressed the sculpy up and out and into the cracks  to help weld the corners together and waterproof it.

how to add support to clay house

adding support to sculpy house

After you spread the clay in the cracks, you are ready to bake! Sculpy is 15 minutes for every 1/4 inch, so we put these in for 20 minutes and it worked great. It bakes exactly how it looks. So if it’s got dust or fingerprints on it when it goes into the oven, that’s how it’s going to come out. Another word to the wise is, it’s slightly soft when it comes out of the oven, and hardens as it cools. We didn’t know this and burt our test piece. Oops.

how to make clay ornaments, sculpy ornaments

Joey made this kind-of-like-our-house house “the big house” and I made two smaller ones.

christmas decor sculpy, christmas gift sculpy, gift sculpy

sculpy planter, sculpy tea light holder

We are super happy with the results and plan to buy another pound of clay this week! We have some ideas for the nursery we are going to try and tackle.

Have you every worked with clay? Let us know what you made with it! 

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  1. this post is amazing! I know it must have been a ton of work for you but I can soo appreciate your honest sharing in the fails lol! I do it constantly. I sometimes have to try for dayssssss with the result beyond compare (in a bad way lol)! So I commend your try try again because the turn out is adorable sweet and wonderful looking. We may scoop up this idea for the kids to create for adults for their gift giving this year. I also have to thank you for sharing the corrects for the parts where you share about the troubles you ran into in results and baking and the different textures because I always run into trouble during a recipe and am left answer less or feel misguided, when those parts are missing? So thank you so very much!

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