A peek at the in-progress nursery!

Happy, happy Monday! This week marks 38 weeks, going into 39 and the pressure is on to get the nursery in somewhat acceptable condition. We were a bit delayed because the holidays just happened to fall exactly one month before our due date and we needed to have out-of-town guests sleep in a cozy private room, as opposed to the living room. As soon as everyone left, we went right to work. If you remember this post, then this mood board will make sense.


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We are very much on track, with a few changes. Instead of romans, which were running about $1,200, we decided on a more reasonable alternativen for the time being.

These KAJSAMIA Curtains at IKEA were only $24.99 a pair and we snagged two pairs. Talk about a relief! For less than 50 bucks we scored a solid solution we could live with. Happy finger dance. Whew.

Another addition is this AMAZING rug we found at Rugs USA. I am so excited for a shag rug. There are no words.

shag rug, shag criss cross rug, rugs usa, rugsusa

Joey did an amazing job refinishing the matching campaign dressers, and they work so perfectly well I can cry. Literally, I can have a full blown boy-am-i-proud-of-my-hubs hormonally charged pregnancy cry over the nursery dressers.

refinished campaign dresser, white campaign dresser, sharron montrose, nursery dresser

We have not gotten any lighting or the fan we are 99% sure we are going with yet. The “A” light above is going to be kind of a night light. If you want to DIY your own carnival letter, check this post out. We did it for $11! We also have yet to wallpaper the ceiling – it seems daunting, but very very rewarding. The porcupine is also missing his monkey friend, and as soon as we have the $950 to buy it and frame it, he will no longer be lonely. In the mean time, we collected some affordable nursery art options for a different wall. These aren’t final, but I do love them!

boy nursery art

 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Here is a little reveal of where we are currently at.

boy nursery, blue and white nursery

nursery reading nook

hand painted tree on wall

in progress nursery

  1. Curtains
  2. Valances
  3. Rug
  4. Crib
  5. Mattress
  6. Changing Table/Dresser
  7. Art – part done
  8. Wallpaper Ceiling
  9. Make Mobile – part done
  10. Lights
  11. Reading Chair
  12. Get and hang fan
  13. Reading nook table
Yes, there is a lot to do, but somehow I am not feeling too overwhelmed. I have all the cute toys and accessories stored away until we finish with the ceiling, and have a feeling our little guy will love his room.

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Making A House A Home
Like small projects? Check out our one-a-week posts, which includes instructions on how to make that carnival letter “A” for $11.
And as soon as I can pull my preggo energy together, I am super duper excited to share our DIY mobile idea. I had a an idea, and Joey made it genius. 



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  1. Sarah Dymond says:

    Looks SO cute and unique! I love it!!

  2. Kim ~Design Thoughts says:

    it looks amazing!!!

  3. What an awesome nursery! Your little guy will love it! He is very lucky! Enjoy the last DAYS (!!) of your pregnancy!

  4. Adorable! I love every inch. Can’t believe you are full term! How exciting!!! Love you, cbp

  5. What a gorgeous room!! I was wondering if you could elaborate a little on the quality of the kajsamia curtains. I’m undecided between the blue kajsamia and the white merete, also from ikea. I am nowhere near an IKEA. Read the quality of the merete was good and they are light filtering but the kajsamia are so beautiful!


  1. Boom Bastic! says:

    […] we left off with the nursery  we had no idea what we would be in for and what would work for us. We thought if we just had a […]

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