Officially Announcing Atlas

It’s been over eight weeks since we had our little bean. Tomorrow will officially mark two whole months! Time is just whizzing by at an unbelievable speed. We had a minor mix up with our birth announcements, but they are finally here and we LOVE them! We got the idea from a pin we saw on pinterest and edited it to our specifications. Joey and I are pretty bad with photoshop, but after the try-fail method a million times – we finally wond up with something we loved and it only cost us $15 for 50!

unique birth announcements, diy birth announcements

We used overnight prints with a coupon, but pretty much anywhere that prints postcards (and we got the envelopes from them too), you can get a one side print pretty reasonable. We picked 4X6 for these and think that was perfect for these. This would also make a super cute birthday card. Right now we are testing out a bunch of self-publish photo books, photo printers, etc – but for postcards I have always loved overnight prints because they are so reasonably priced and have only messed up once in the six years I have used them.

boy birth announcement

A tiny bit of DIY + some pretty gold heart stickers and we are ready to announce his arrival via snail mail. Happy weekend friends!

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  1. Love it! You did much better about getting your announcements out faster. I needed 3 whole months to get mine finished.

    PS: I had such a terrible experience with Overnight a few years ago it gives me heartburn just thinking about it.

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