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How much would you spend on a crib? A mattress? I thought around $100 was the going price for a crib and another $100 for a good mattress. And like everything else we have given our baby, a lot of thought went into the whole sleep issue. I am scared. to. death. of SIDS and doing something which may lead to autism. We have a family member who quite possibly became autistic from having their crib next to lead paid. It’s a reality (1 in 80 kids, 1 in 55 boys!) that’s scary with an unknown source, and guess what a real one of those sources may be? The mattress. Yep. So, lets talk about this.

We bought the organic clothes, organic food to supplement, and now the organic mattress. We decided on a 90% organic 10% non-organic life for our baby, but we knew the mattress had to hands down be as pure as possible.

We checked out Intellibed, and found out their position on a baby mattress was aligned with ours. No off gassing (like our mattress had, which was weird), totally non-toxic, organic, and crazy unique. Seriously, this mattress feels insane and I am very jealous of Atlas. It is very heavy and very sturdy, and the baby loves it. Best of all, I trust him on it.


Right now we are on a routine where he sleeps next to us, and most likely will for another four months, but during the day he naps in his room. We also put him in his crib and let him play while we work on projects or clean. The Intellibed Mini came with an organic zip cotton cover, which we let him hang out on. Needless to say, we love it and totally recommend it. I may even climb into his crib and test it out myself because the feeling is so unique and awesome. But here is the deal, it’s a $400 mattress. Well $399. Why would you buy a mattress that costs that much, when you can snag one for less than $100? Remember that talk I wanted to have with you? It involves very scary stuff.


Most mattresses for cribs are toxic. America doesn’t really have any rules for this kind of stuff, so your baby can be breathing in pretty rancid stuff for long periods of time. If you want to get more info, there are some great facts on the Intellibed site. I am far from a scientist or doctor, but I suspect that’s not so healthy for babies. There is also this Columbia University did a study that will blow your mind. They actually found a chemical in the bellybuttons of babies found in mattresses that lead to children having developmental issues.  I figure this isn’t so much a luxury item, but more of a life quality item. Intellibed should be the standard.


I figure it was worth sharing some scary info (even though I hate to think about this stuff, I am sure you do too), as I am always up for knowing what my options are and then making the best decision I know how. The crib wound up being about $400, but we got it as a gift, and the mattress another $400. So the $200 budget looks more like an $800 budget, but it’s worth the peace of mind knowing that your mini me is on a firm surface that’s totally safe. So we are officially adding this as can’t-live-without-item #7  (1-6 here) for us.

Convinced you can’t live without this mini mattress for your little one (or yourself for that matter)? We have a 10% off code for our readers good on ANY  Intellibed! Use MakingaHouseaHome at check out.

We were compensated for this post, but believe in this product 100% and have been truthful in expressing our thoughts. 

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