Prettying up the front yard

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We finally have the confidence to tackle the front yard and address the lack of color! We were introduced to HGTVGardens a few weeks back and have been happily using it as a guide to help us do everything from picking flowers, to schooling us in what the best plants are for our specific area. They have this pretty and simple tool you can use, and it’s very visual – great for Joey and I who don’t know the names of most plants or their variations for that matter.

But the most helpful part so far has been the tool that tells me what plants work best for me and my location, Which is something I always get confused about. I know I don’t see palm trees in my neighbor’s yard – or anywhere in New York for that matter, so I know not to plant a palm tree because it most likely wouldn’t survive, but what about everything else?

Last year we went to Brimfield, and I picked up this swan, and she kinda just sat there for the year because we didn’t know what to plant in her. This year I was so so so excited to hit up the front yard and 1.) not be pregnant while doing gardening and 2.) have a little more knowledge as to what to plant. The very first day of good weather we were outside with the baby planting and raking leaves, and filling this swan with pansies!

After reviewing our options, and checking out the profiles of a few dozen flowers (and people’s pictures), we kept it simple with pansies not only for the swan, but the front yard. It was kind of like what I imagine an online dating site to be like if you wanted to date a flower. If that were the case, I probably wouldn’t have picked pansies to date, but red hot poker instead.  We even created a profile (on, not a dating site) so we can go back and upload our progress on our front yard. If you want to see how we are doing, follow us here. I think we are going to really get into this gardening thing. There is a whole social vibe going on at HGTVGardens – a lot like a pinterest for gardeners or a massive forum with photos organized in an attractive way. It’s easy to get blissfully lost in it all.



Atlas loved being outside and staring at the inside of his stroller until he passed out. So happy to have him in the sunshine after such a long winter. I can’t wait until we get to do stuff like this for him:


You can spot 22 other great playhouse ideas here, on HGTVGarden’s Family Garden section. But before we get out the toolbox and deal with projects like building a playhouse, we want to get the front yard in tip-top shape, and we’ve started with these tiny pansies.




The pansies look so small and new, I can’t wait for them to fill out. We are far from complete – this was just a few hours of work actually. We need to decide on mulch and other landscaping ideas to make this look crisp and finished. Right now we are stalking other people’s yards to see what we like best. So far, black mulch is winning. I am also so excited to see a collection of beds and borders because I never thought of doing the front yard like this until I saw other people’s.

While we are on the topic of outdoors, I am on the hunt for attractive fence solutions and I LOVE this idea I found here. I can even envision doing a vertical garden on part of the fence. The community of gardeners and want-to-be gardeners have a slew of pictures and ideas on of great back yards I still need to dig through. It’s like having a million garden magazines at your fingertips.

We seriously need all the tips and help we can get. Have you started your spring planting? Did you find anything great on

Brought to you by the gardening crew at HGTV. This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of

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  5. I agree that a vertical garden going up a fence would be a great addition to one’s landscape. I’m sure it would take some time and care, but certainly be worth it. It might even be a good security measure because burglars would probably less likely to climb a fence that’s covered in plants.

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