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DIY wood blocks, toy blocks, food grade dye for toys

I love this project because it’s so easy, and you can avoid those pricy wood blocks at the boutiques! All you do is take 2X2 NON-pressure treated wood (make sure it’s all natural and not treated with anything), food dye (the kind you use on Easter eggs works just fine), a few drops of vinegar, and paint brushes.

Make sure to dull the edges of your cubes with sandpaper before you color them. We put a few drops of vinegar in a cup, along with one ounce of water, and as many drops of dye as you like, the more drops, the darker the blocks! The vinegar is what “sets” the dye to the blocks so the color doesn’t rub off. Dont skip this step unless you want dye everywhere.

DIY wood blocks, DIY toy blocks, natural toy blocks

Take your paintbrush, and paint the blocks with your color concoction. Let dry over night!

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  1. this is such a great idea, I can’t wait to try it out :)

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