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hanging wood toy

When you have a kid, everyone will warn you how quickly they grow, and everyone is not a liar. It’s amazing that Atlas really loves to observe everything, especially hanging things. Remember this DIY Doily Dreamcatcher I made for him just a few weeks back? It’s like the. best. toy. ever. He loves laughing at is and looking up at it. This project was pretty simply and required very few things – and you can hack it to fit your needs of course.

We got a very long wood cylinder at the home improvement store and chopped it up. Joey then drilled holes down the center so we could feed the string (also got at the home improvement store) through it.

hanging toy for baby



hanging toy

We double checked to make sure the string fed correctly, then removed it to paint the wood fun colors.

water color on wood

gold painted fathers

 I just used your normal run-of-the-mill water color to paint the wood. I didn’t even do anything special to it – just straight paintbrush to raw wood action. I also dipped some feathers in Martha Stewart gold paint and dusted with glitter at this point, so all the wet stuff could dry together.

gold feather, glitter feather

hanging toy


I found these super cute pom’s from Thailand, and decided this was the perfect project to add them to. They are tiny pom pom’s, so I just glued them to the end of the pink string (two small strips just a few inches long) for some fun.

I also added some wooden beads from the craft store along with some help from knots and some super glue.

Keep in mind, this isn’t intended as a toy for a baby to play with. Just a pretty nugget to hang and look at.

hanging wood toy

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  1. SO.CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Amazing creativity! We thank you for the inspiration and lovely post! Home For Handmade

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