Silver vs Gold

I am into gold. I am also into silver. Before we knew what color walls we were going to commit to I bought a ton of silver frames from Ikea, and as we have been making this house our home those silver frames kind of disappeared into the paint choices we have made. Not to mention, I am kind of over looking at wedding pictures of me and Joey after four years. Instead of ditching the old frames, I decided to give spraying them gold a shot – and it was a great idea!

gold spray paint




Joey got me this amazing signed MArk Ryden piece and I decided it was time to frame it – just not sure where to hang it yet!

Here is what we did to get a flawless finish. It’s so easy, you’ll gag.

Lightly brush the metal frame with some sandpaper, prime and let dry. They spray with Rustoleum gold spray paint about 8 inches away in light layers and let dry.

Totally new frame! I am excited because they match the three brass trunks we just scored. More on that soon! What have you sprayed gold and have work out? Let me know, I am a little addicted to spray paint these days.



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  1. I did the exact same thing with a couple of my frames – was an easy-peasy way of revamping something old. I’m definitely more of a gold girl!

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