#MAHAHKitchen Reno is ALMOST DONE!

Hello friends! We are so so so excited and PLEASED with our new countertops! Giddy to be more accurate. If you have been following along on our instagram feed and read the lasts post, you got some glimpses of the beautiful new counters we had installed this past week and are up to date.

If  not, here is a quick recap. We hired the professionals to come in and fix our countertop mistakes we made last year. They came to measure, and we made a little video to walk the interested through the process. When they came over they brought samples of edge profiles and surfaces and we picked VT Dimensions Calcutta Marble in Premium Laminate for a few reasons. Our whole kitchen, including installation ran $1,750. They look and feel amazing. The plumber who was here today (I have a drama post coming up about that!), thought they were real until he went under the cabinet – true story! The maintenance is next to nothing – and that was the whole point of the counter swap. Affordable, quality, good-looking, with 1/10 the maintenance of the butcher-block if you want the super Cliff Notes.

The installation itself went super smooth, and they look fantastic. It also feels so much better in there. The whole thing (including cutting for the sink), took less than two hours. We whipped up a little video showing the whole process in time-lapse so you can see everything from start to finish!

kitchen moodboard

What’s left?

  • Paint the french doors back to white
  • Install the backsplash on the sink side of the kitchen
  • Get plumber to completely rework the pipes + install new faucet (this $250 job is now $1,1000, we’ll get into it in a separate post)
  • New hardware for cabinets
  • Build a fasade around the heater to hide it’s ugly
  • Freshen up with with white paint

What’s done!

I love the point in a project where you can actually begin to see and feel a difference!

Have you been working on a kitchen reno? What counters did you pick?

music in video by joey

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  1. Yea! love the atlas cameo at the end of the video.

    How much sq footage of countertop did you need?

  2. Oh and you have to tell me why the faucet is costing so much to install. I’m about to put the same faucet in my shore kitchen.

    • Lana Katsaros says:

      Long story short, the sink was so much deeper, it didn’t work with the current pipe set up, so a plumber had to redo the pipes to fit! The faucet wasn’t actually the culprit!

  3. I cannot wait to hear more about these countertops and see them up close! Sounds crazy. And can you elaborate about the mistakes you made with your other countertops? I saw that they were butcherblock and we were considering that for our kitchen!

    • Lana Katsaros says:

      Hi Caroline! We love the look of the butcher block, but were really bad about the upkeep. They got pretty gross and worn looking after six months. We felt they weren’t clean enough to prepare baby food on. You can certainly do a glossy finish on them and make them more sanitary, but we didn’t like that look. Hence, we made a serious mistake in material selection. We just needed something much easier to take care of. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. These look amazing!!!!!!

  5. Franceia Marconi says:

    Thank you so much for sharing the video! I want to do this too. I can’t believe the price. Have you found any problems so far?

  6. We looked at the website you used for your counters and were curious if you still like them now that you have used them. I think this may be a great option for us! Thank you!


  1. […] to know them well enough to know I love them. A lot. If you have no idea what I am rambling about, check out our last post about our counter installation.  We let the professionals handle this one, which was a nice break being we are also mid-bathroom […]

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