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Hello friends! Have you ever been really really excited about something and just wanted tell everyone you knew who might be remotely interested? That’s exactly how I feel about our new counters! We have been living with them now for almost two weeks, so I got to know them well enough to know I love them. A lot. If you have no idea what I am rambling about, check out our last post about our counter installation.  We let the professionals handle this one, which was a nice break being we are also mid-bathroom renovation on all three baths. Here is where we started…



Then we had this for a bit over a year until they dried out, and freaked me out.


 Finally, here is where we ended up. Much better.


Drooling over that edge like I am? I can’t believe this hasn’t existed forever. We used a company called VT Industries, and this is part of their VT Dimensions collection. They have more edge profiles, but we thought this would look best with this premium laminate. Yes, that’s laminate. Not marble.


It looks and feels so real, the plumber we hired to help us out of a pickle thought they were real until he went under the sink, popped out, and told us we fooled him.


My number one problem with the butcher-block we had was cleanliness and maintenance. I wanted marble really bad, but the upkeep was unrealistic. They would look junky in a year with the way we are, so finding out about VT Dimensions was really exciting, even though I was a little hesitant at first. When we bought the house we had really bad yellow laminate counters, and I did not want a throwback to that, but after we met with the counter guy and checked out the samples, I was sold. For the price, you really can’t beat it.


The only issue we had was kind of silly (and had nothing to do with the counters), and hopefully you can learn from our mistake. We bought a sink which was way deeper than the sink that came with the house not thinking it would change anything. The countertop installers gave us the green light on the sink, and we thought we were gold.

They came. They installed. All was good, until we needed in install the faucet. The original sink was a single drain, and the new sink is a double drain. We needed a plumber to come and make the pipes work for this new set up. Expecting to pay $250, we were shocked when the plumber said we had a $1,100 problem on our hands.

Ya see, that extra deep sink was too close to the old pipes, and the plumber had to rework the whole dang thing. Let’s file that under “unknown” when it comes to planning things out. It was simply something we couldn’t predict, try as we might. So just file that under something to think about when sink shopping.


Beyond that snag, everything else has gone pretty smooth. The countertops really make the whole kitchen.


We aren’t 100% done yet because we have to get rid of that other mistake we made. The oil painted red door. Never again. We just don’t have the precision to paint with oil. How Mark Ryden does what he does, I’ll never know. We plan to freshen it up with some sort of semigloss, ceiling to toe-kick, make that door white, and then call it dunzo.

Making a House a Home Kitchen

What’s left?

  • Paint the french doors back to white
  • New hardware for cabinets
  • Build a fasade around the heater to hide it’s ugly
  • Freshen up with with white paint

What’s done!


  1. Countertops: VT Industries
  2. Faucet: Brizo (we need to post about, it’s AMAZING!)
  3. Pendants: Barnlight Electric (BEST DEAL EVER!)

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  1. Absolutely amazing. I cannnnnot believe that isn’t marble. I’m usually not a fan of anything faux but that just blows my mind!

  2. I found your blog on YHL. Love your backsplash and new counters! I wanted to put in a marble countertop too, but Lowes told me they are impossible to keep nice. You found a great alternative!



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