Holiday shopping, yep!

You can thank or curse me later, but this is your new addiction. I am sorry! But it’s a really great way to organize your shopping. I made a folder or “board, kind of like pinterest) for the dream list of stuff to get Atlas, and I have done one for our home, and have just started a fashion one. In the middle of doing this, they did a little feature on our kid picks! Color me honored.

prowl making  a house a homeReason I think this is so perfect right now is, I have to start organizing holiday shopping. I am 1/2 way done! Yep, every year my goal is to have every last gift purchased and wrapped before Halloween. I hope I can do it this year! Last year was a bit hectic with a load of guests + being 8 months preggo, but this year it’s just the three of us – so some mailer gifts and simple stuff for the three of us will be perfect!

How do you organize your shopping? If you decide to Prowl, let’s stalk each others goods!


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  1. You’re like me- I love having it all done ahead of time so I can focus on other things. But I’m behind this year and it has me stressing!

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