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It’s a funny thing. We have been talking about moving for a long time. A LONG time. We almost moved to LA, I even took a one way flight while Joey came back to NY to sell the house. After three weeks, it felt all wrong. I was working with the wrong people, feeling all the wrong vibes, and flew back post haste. I am so relieved I did. It’s funny to look back on, because that decision could have been a complete game changer, and I like where we are right now.

Obviously we aren’t working on the house anymore because it’s done. D.O.N.E. It feels so good to have completed the task we set out to do, and though it may seem premature to some, it’s perfect timing for us. It doesn’t stop me from making happy moments here and there.


Rich Hippies has been taking off, and it’s good to be creative ever day. I get to work with some of my very best friends. We even survived our first craft fair, and though hectic, it was a lot of fun.


Our time here in New York is limited, perhaps as limited as 45 days (deep!), so we have been focusing on family and adventuring as much as we can. For my birthday, I requested a trip out to ringing rocks. It was kind of perfect. We hit the Pendleton outlet, and I stoked up on three new wool blankets. I am not as greedy as I just made myself look. I got one for bebe, in bebe size. I will share the goods soon. We ate at a really great pizza place called Jule’s Thincrust, where they locally source all their yummy organic toppings, and it’s amazing.



We then headed to ringing rocks, where Atlas banged on ricks with his wooden hammer and they chimed like bells. Well, Joey made them chime like bells with a metal hitch, and Atlas was very impressed. The drive way amazing, and I will surely miss this part of living here.

We still spend time at aquariums and museums, especially because the weather is already unbearable.


This museum (Steppingstones) in Norwalk, Ct is pretty great. Right now they have a whole exhibit about circles. I dig their style.


Atlas doesn’t looked stoked here, but I promise he was having a good time. He kept yelling at the fish in his jibber jabber baby ramble, and it was the cuteness.

After Thanksgiving, life is about packing and making a plan. We are still in-between. It’s been endless discussions of Richmond vs. Nashville and I wish we had a sign to point us in a direction. We have no family or close friends at either location, so it’s super difficult to pick! We have even been discussion taking a super long break in Texas and Florida while we decide because we sold the house so quick. I still can’t believe we sold our house in four days. FOUR days. Who does that?

Hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving!

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  1. I think Nashville is the choice I would make ;) I promise, you may not move to either place with close friends, or family waiting for you, but you will absolutely meet some of the most amazing people, at the exact perfect time. Its going to be AMAZING whichever you decide on for sure <3 Like attracts like my dear, and you guys are pretty great ;) MUAH!!!

  2. Shaina Sheppard says:

    Hey Lana!! LOVE those sweater shirts you have here in this post, but they aren’t on your website. Do you have any more of them available??

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