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Happy Tuesday ya’ll! Joey and I were just discussing if we will get back in the habit of saying “ya’ll” now that we have left New York and everyone in Nashville seems to subscribe to it. We are also still trying to figure out if we are in the south or the mid-west. Anyone have that answer?

We snuck in some time before Easter to hit up another room to unpack, and we succeeded. It’s that same “country blue” we aren’t so fond of, and plan to paint it white. It’s got the best light, and holds a dear spot in my heart, it’s the mud room! Remember our last mudroom? It was the first room we ever completed in our old home. I loved it so much. It was also connected to the kitchen, just like this one.

mudroom, diy mudroom

There are certainly some differences between to two. The old was was a major pain to access the backyard, and you needed to go down steps and open a sliding door that took the strength of Andres the Giant.

3 Windows

We were going to put a glossy white credenza where the bench is, but fell in love with the Deacon’s pew we scored at the monthly Flea in Nashville. It’s smaller than a regular pew and it was in great shape. It was a $200 find. I don’t think we got a steal, but we really wanted it, and the lady delivered it for free. No regrets.

Bench From Kitchen

Boat and Trophies Edit

nashville mudroom

Above the pew we hung an art shelf because there is an electrical box we want to hide. The Art is TBD. As you can see below, it’s a bit of an ick, and we need ton’s of consealer on this blemish. The boats going to play the part of cover up for now.

FuseBox Close Up

These pillows and Pendleton blanket are the inspiration for the room. We haven’t begun the decorating, painting, making it great yet – just unpacked. Everything is clashing with the walls right now, but I promise it’s going to look much more put together when we paint those walls white.

Close Up Bench and PIllows Edit

Desk 1

This desk was a score on craigslist I couldn’t say “No” to. This time I really mean score. $20. Yes, t-w-e-n-t-y bucks! A campaign desk for $20? Yes please, and all day long please. I am thinking because we scored so hard on this one, we get some marble custom cut to give her a little fancy. She’s not perfect, she has a few scratches, but for $20 we are going to look past all that and thank the picking gods for this find.

Desk Edit 1

Full Room 2

mudroom, small mudroom, mudroom makeover

Full Room

So beyond the paint job, there are some other mandatory to-do’s for us to pull this room together. We don’t like the tile, and with a toddler on out hands, we are taking every opportunity we can to throw a rug down. We need to find a nice soft story jute to cover the majority of the floor. It needs to be able to handle not only feet, but rolling a stroller in. We have been on the hunt and will be sure to report our findings in anything impresses us. Another thing that needs an edit is this light.


There is nothing wrong with it, but for such a small space, we think it would be fun to put something unique there to add some personality. This guy is a little basic.


We are also in discussion of replacing the blinds with something wood, or something Roman. Not quite sure yet, but we don’t like the plastic one’s hanging right now, though they look find from far away, they aren’t our bag.

We mostly use this room to kick off our shoes and stroll the stroller into after a long walk with the baby, which has been an amazing new family habit we have formed. Our new neighborhood is just littered with the cutest cottages all bursting with personality, and right now, flowers.

What do you use your mudroom for? Does it multitask as a room for something else as well?

Drop us a comment and let us and everyone else know.



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  1. Oh my gosh I’m so in love!!! A $20 campaign desk? Can’t believe you didn’t have to get into a fistfight over that. I picture people climbing on one another like black friday style. And ohhh that pew! My dad has a gorgeous one. I’ve told him already that when his time comes, I’ve got dibs on it. No offense dad!

    What amazing deals. I can’t wait to see that space put together.

  2. Lana Katsaros says:

    I couldn’t believe it was available – I contacted the guy after being posted for three days! Thanks for th elope, as always!

  3. Can’t wait to see more! So cozy :)


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