Little Bit O’ Landscaping

The new house came pretty well landscaped. We couldn’t really see much of what was going on because winter’s touch leaves everything a little less green than it should be.


There were professional landscape blueprints in a closet, and we got to look through what was done recently. We have three Japanese maples as opposed to one at our last home. We love those little trees so much. They are kind of magical. There are a slew of other things we aren’t so familiar with, and are excited to see them bloom. We also wanted to add a little touch of our own, so we dug some holes and planted some trees. What else does one do on Earth Day?

Nashville keeps surprising us in very pleasant ways. First we went to the Cherry Blossom Festival, and walked away with a free cherry blossom tree to plant. How great is that? So we left downtown with a cherry blossom in our diaper bag and big smiles on our faces.

joey making a house a home

planting a cherry blossom

outside pack n play

Atlas had a fun time helping by planting his toys all over the walkway.

plant a cherry blossom tree

It looks like a twig now, but we are excited to watch it grow. We hope to look back years from now and see it blooming. We planted it in the front yard. I hope we remember it’s there and don’t mow it over. After our tiny adventure in planting this guy, we went out and bought a weeping pussy willow. It only grows eight feet high, but twelve feet wide. It’s like a weeping willow with furry friends sprinkled all over it.  Pretty weird and great.

Willow Close Up

We just slit the plastic pot with a razor and stuck the willow in the ground. It was $50 at Lowe’s and we need to get fertilizer and mulch to finish it off, but she’s in the ground with in twenty minutes.

plant a weeping wil

Joey Digging 2

planting pussy willow

We also got some hanging plants for our porch, which inspired us to do a full porch redo. I have always wanted a porch, and this one is kind of large. Atlas loved to hang out in his pack n’ play out there while we eat or chat.

weeping pussy willow

cottage hanging plants

 Do you know of any good group coverings to substitute grass? Leave a comment and let us know, we are on a hunt. 



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  1. A free tree?!?! What kind of fairytale place did you move to and when can I come? I just adore the outside of your home. Even in the winter it screams cuteness! [manlyness if your husband is reading this].


  1. […] A lot. Living in New York, we failed a bunch at plants and even here in Nashville. You may remember we planted a tree when we bought our new home a year ago. Well, the weeping pussy willow is beyond tears and is dead […]

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    Little Bit O? Landscaping

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