Atlas’ Room Wish List

I don’t think we are going to totally mimic Atlas’ old room in the house. The space is wildly different and lacks storage pretty bad. It has some great points however. It gets fantastic light in there and feels great to be in. Most people would avoid the huge chair-and-a-half we have in there now – but I am committed to making it work. It’s such a perfect spot to perch and read Atlas a book while snuggling. He’s got plenty of floor space to dance and play in front of it, so I will do my best to make it not look so huge and overwhelming.

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We have decided to paint the walls white, and use a ton of art on the wall you see above. We have been collecting bit by bit and are only a few frames shy of an install date to be set. We have officially knocked some decisions off the to-do list, and are in a place where we can collect our thoughts in no other way, than a mood board.

nursery moodboard woodsyWe are thinking of ditching the lamp, and the tiny table (both Target) that looks insanely small next to that chair. We may also step away from the curtains. They were $24 for two panels (I think), and it was such a score. I think with the art and the curtains it may get too busy in there. We are still struggling to find a totally unique and great light because it needs to be pretty flush. It also needs to not be boring. Here are the inspiration pics we are working off of.

AT_Atlas_Nursery source + source


I love how the teepee took over the space, and it’s something to think about for this room. I also love those hanging shelves and if we can figure something specific out – I will have a great project to share soon. The list is a bit shorter. We are stuck on storage and display overall, which makes me fear loosing the big awesome and cozy chair. I am already selling off the two others we had in the old house. There is just something special about huge chairs to me. Can’t wait to wrap up this space for little A. He’s gotten so big and loves playing so much. It’s top priority around here to give him his own special place before we focus on any other rooms. Lucky us, he loves being on the porch and playing or hanging out in his pack and play watching us work on the house.


To finish off Atlas’ room, here is what we need to do next:

  • Find the perfect white. The walls are just killing me softly. Not so softly.
  • Find a rug with a smaller pile than the wool one. Or two rugs. We LOVE the one he use to have, and that’s why it’s in the living room now!
  • Find a light or fan that will work for the current room AND when we expand.
  • Add art to the walls.
  • Find something to display books // toys – kind of have an idea….
  • Decide if he’s getting the moose

moodboard sources: white basketrugmooseartcurtains


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  1. What a fun mix- I love the colors!

  2. Samantha Willis says:

    this looks like it’s going to turn out really cute. love watching to progress.


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