Nashville House Tour // Guest Bathroom

Good morning friends! Ready for some more robin’s egg blue paint? Thought so. Welcome to our guest bathroom. It’s super cute but sports that same blue paint as so many other rooms in our home. Instead of jumping to paint in here, we are finally going to buy that daydream wallpaper and pay a professional to install it because we are scared at $125 per roll to mess it up.

daydream wallpaper, hygge and west

I know I would very much destroy the wallpaper and my nervousness would make Joey really nervous and then he may mess it up, so this project is going to the pro’s.


Beyond the blue, we really love this space. It’s got a crowfoot tub, stained glass, and modern updates on the sink and toilet. It’s small, and gets great light. Atlas is bathing in our bathroom nightly, but soon enough he will be potty trained and using this bathroom next to his room.


The floors remind me of every rental we had in New York/Brooklyn. Except this one is clean, and now I love it. That cabinet is a little built in and I am not sure if it’s a keeper or not. The board and batten is most likely going to stay, and the wallpaper is going to go above it.


Our whole home has the original solid wood five panel doors with these beautiful matching door knobs. The doors all came with keys, and they work!

We found a cute trash bin and shower curtain, and are hunting out a good rug. After the wallpaper installation and cute rug fix, this room will be good for a while. I don’t know why the sled is in there, but that’s where it’s living for now while we unpack. One day it will find it’s way someplace better.



We hope you guys are enjoying our home tour series. We have collected all the photos from our new home if you want to see the progress all at once. Next up is the front porch, master bedroom, dining room, and studio!


xo, signiture

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  1. Love that wallpaper! Can’t wait to see it up!

  2. It’s gorgeous already! I can’t wait to see what you do – that wallpaper is so pretty too!

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