Flip the light fantastic

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July 15, 2014
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July 21, 2014

Flip the light fantastic

If there is one thing that you could have in a room above all else, what would it be?

Did you say light? Cause if you didn’t, you may want to rethink your answer. No one is going to care how stunning that life sized statue of Casey Affleck is when they have just broken their nose walking into the clenched fist of your 2-1 scale Mike Tyson statue that towers in the middle of the room ’cause it’s pitch black in there.

Alright… Extreme example, yes. And now that we have established the importance of lighting, we can move on to this mega-cool light Lana snagged from the internets.

how to replace ceiling light

No not that one.

vintage ceiling light

This one with the rad cowboy and laid back beach ladies. And just in case Atlas gets lost in his room (I know, unlikely given his name) there is a handy dandy compass printed on there which I pointed, generally, in the correct direction for him.

Since this was an internet buy and is vintage you can’t expect it to come with all the hardware needed to install it. Thankfully this was just a simple case of picking up a modern version of the same light and using the hardware from that. They still make lights just like this with the mounting brackets needed at basically any of the bigger home improvement stores. It ended up being cheaper to just buy the whole light instead of trying to track down the bracket itself. Here’s what we bought for less than $12.

how to replace ceiling light

And here is all the stuff laid out for a picture. This step is not required.

how to install ceiling light

Installation is a snap. Actually more of a laborious meander through your own mind, trying to stay focused. It is that simple. Please make sure your power is off before you go messing with wires in your house.

install ceiling light

Remove the old light. Then replace the mounting bracket that was with the old light with the new one.  Then two screws should find their way into the box in the ceiling to hold the bracket in place. The wires you will need to run to your new light should go through the middle hole of the new bracket. Wire up that snazzy new illuminator (black to black, white to white please) and then use the screws to mount the light flush to the ceiling. You may need to adjust distance you let the light mounting screws (or the screws that secure the bracket to the box) protrude from the mounting bracket in order to get the light to fit snugly flush.

Oh JOY! now you can attach the colorful, happy, outdoor themed light diffuser to the ceiling as well. Then you notice something…

vintage ceiling light

Snap! The ceiling is discolored from the old light because, of course it is! So expect a follow up post once we decide if we are painting the ceiling, or finding a medallion we like. 

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  1. Yersinia says:

    Lady, I love your posts. But, you need some spell checks! It’s “of course” not “of coarse”. Sorry to nit pick, but Weird Al’s “Word Crimes” got me in the mood to stamp out poor grammar–especially on the internet. http://hollywoodlife.com/2014/07/15/weird-al-word-crimes-robin-thicke-blurred-lines-mandatory-fun-listen-watch-music-video/

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