9 No-Fail Boy Gifts

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June 18, 2014
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June 23, 2014

9 No-Fail Boy Gifts

nine no-fail boy gifts

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Gift-giving season is upon us. Ya know, the season where alllll the kiddies birthday’s seem to fall within days of each other? Here is a round up of our current faves for fuss-free and unique gift giving for the boys (and girls too of course!).

I am sure you have heard of #5! Freshly Picked seriously has THE BEST (alllll caps, and meaning it) little shoes for little feet. We snagged this pair for our little runner who’s obsessed with velcro and he doesn’t even notice these slip-on/slip-off’s are on. Which means they stay on. And are cute. And work with everything.

Freshly Picked + Rich Hippies

How cute do these shoes look with Rich Hippies Lumberjack Collection? Seriously.

Our #6 pick is a shameless plug for our kid’s clothing line, Rich Hippies. We are obsessed with the drawing Duane Hosein did for our Lumberjack collection and also obsessed with the organic soft cotton he’s screenprinted on.

For #8 we got to snag a beaver set at Porter Flea (lucky us!), and I can say with confidence this brand is amazing. Our larger set does not fit 16 month old Atlas (and he’s pretty huge), so we are ordering a smaller bear set for him. He loves seeing himself in the mirror with something new on like a hat, or mask. He loved to put it on and take it off. The soft felt is well stitched for many uses and the designs are soooo cute. These super hero masks are killing it right now and I think would make great for little boys on their birthday!

If you like #5, #6, and #8, you may want to hop on over to instagram, and follow @makingahouseahome for an awesome giveaway coming very soon. *wink wink*


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