A Dozen Books For Boys at Bedtime

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January 26, 2016
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A Dozen Books For Boys at Bedtime

Atlas is a reading machine right now. He’s three so he’s not so much reading as he is memorizing books and reciting them back, with different voices and inflictions, and it’s the best. He recently got into the alphabet too, so we are nurturing his interest right now. ¬†These bedtime books for a toddler are our short list. We can go on and on with these kinds of round ups!

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Some books are more about a discussion or an interaction we can have. The Herve Tullet are his favorite things right now, while the Astro Bunny reads more like a son. We LOVE the illustrations in the Astro Bunny one. I am pretty sure it’s not easy to find any more, but I highly suggest hunting all the bunny books down.

Feel free to add to the list! I wouldn’t complain if we wound up with a full blown library for this kiddo.




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    A Dozen Books For Boys at Bedtime

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