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July 24, 2014
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A Room for A

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Top priority once we finally found a home in Nashville, was to get Atlas set up first. We had been so rushed off our feet with trying to choose our next move that the nursery had to take a back seat. Choosing between our dream home in Connecticut that we found on WilliamPitt.com and our dream home in Nashville was a really tough call. Ultimately, we choose Nashville, but this won’t be forever. Anyway, we finally had some time to think about Atlas’ nursery! He was just a tad too young to have really enjoyed his first nursery and honestly spent 90% of his time with us in our room.

diy nursery, atlas nursery

His old nursery couldn’t be more different than his new one. We had a lot of situations to overcome with a much smaller space and I think we tackled it pretty well.

Our goals were:

1.) A place to sleep that he couldn’t get to any outlets or anything that could harm him. He loves to grab at things and pull himself up.

2.) Atlas needed a small space to play. He has a playroom upstairs and loves to take over the living room, but a play space was necessary in his room especially of quiet time before bed.

3.) Stttttorage. His closet it pretty tiny this time, so we had to work in storage in a smart way.


We married the campaign dressers we rehabbed and bought a piece of reclaimed wood to seamlessly create a top. The dressers were a $200 find off craigslist in New York and the reclaimed wood was $130 from a local spot here in Nashville. For $330 we got ourselves 12 functional drawers with a ton of storage. It works way better than the chair and a half I was trying to force in this spot.


This tricky spot behind the door housed a changing table when we toured the home. I didn’t want the space to go to waste, and we really needed a spot for our $20 craigslist desk score after we redid the mudroom and didn’t include it in the new plan.


With some imagination, this almost forgotten nook is actually really useful. The elephant is a hamper, and lives where a chair will go one day when Atlas is old enough for homework, or doing research curing cancer. The drawers house toys, and the shelf is “don’t break” stuff for now. Also, I am so excited to say, the air plants I bought at Porter Flea in Nashville are still alive, though keeping the ceramic dear basically deaf.



Atlas has been really into pretending the last few weeks, and it’s been amazing to watch and nurture his growing imagination. He has a tough time with the animal masks (which is fine with me because they look so cute hanging!), but he looooves to wear these tails.




The rug that was in the old-house nursery is now living in the living room, and the old living room rug is now in Joey’s studio, and the old-house guest room rug is what wound up in Atlas’ room for the time being.




We are thrilled with the way Atlas’ room turned out. We were able to check all of our requirements off the list in a way that’s cozy and functional. Atlas loves to play in his room, and read books, and it’s super functional. We have a few more plans for this space (I don’t know if I still feel these curtains. I would like to find a softer rug. We may break down a wall to open up the room as A grows….), but for now it’s working out great.

xo, lana katsaros

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