In 2009 Joey and I (Lana) started a home improvement and DIY blog when we were in our 20's, lived in NYC, and had an actual home to renovate! We fell in love with mourning our process, and connecting with a community we adore.

In 2013 we moved to Nashville, and began putting time and effort into opening Rich Hippies (a children's shop, located in Nashville and shoprichhippies.com). Our son Atlas also had some extra needs to be met, so th blog suffered quite a bit. I guess you can say, we dropped out for a minute.

In 2016, we decided to rename, Making a House a Home, to Happily Curated Chaos and reevaluate what we actually have to share with the world. It took a while to figure out, we won't lie, but figure it out, we did.

In 2017, we will be taking a one-way flight out of the country with no return date in mind. We have decided to show Atlas, the atlas. We decided to make the world our home, at least for a little bit.

True to our original style, we will share our struggles, and success. Actionable information how you can travel full time, how to travel with a toddler, where to go, what to do, and of course where to eat.

We are taking an entire year to plan this venture, and are overjoyed to share every bit and piece of our journey.

We are excited you found us, and hope to get to know you better. Thanks for stopping by.

Have a question? Want to reach out? hello@happilycuratedchaos.com . Media kits available upon request.

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What does Joey do for a living?

Joey is a composer and songwriter for film and tv and sometimes commercials. He has gone platinum, gold, and won an American Music Award. I guess you can say he's a professional musician!

What does Lana do for a living?

Lana has been a marketing director and consultant for about 15 years in New York. She also has some awards up her sleeve, but they are of the much dorkier kind. Now, she's a mama, full time blogger and owner of shoprichhippies.com.

Where is your house?

We currently don't own a home! It's kinda freaky!