action plan

July 24, 2008
July 28, 2008

action plan

as some of you already know, our wedding is nearly 100% hand made. everything is earth friendly, hand done, and completely unique. i am excited to have a wedding that represents the life we life, however it has been proving a bit more difficult to have the things we want, because it’s jamaica. im betting they dont have peonies. i love the environment, i just dont want tropical decor. im sure we will figure it out. also i learned that when you say “wedding” the price goes up about 50% for everything!

i have to admit though, we have been pretty lucky. we agree on almost everything, not one ounce of arguing about anything, which is a wonderful relief. i heard so many horor stories of how planning a wedding can ruin a relationship. im happy to say it’s actually making us stronger, and teaching us to communicate really well!

we have had the return address labels designed, as well as stickers and some favors. pixelbypixel (on did the work. they did a good job, though communication was a bit difficult (emails only.) It was worth it though, the results are exactly in the theme of the wedding.

thats all for now really! still havent quite nailed down table design.


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