Adventure 2 // Atlanta, GA

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January 16, 2017
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Adventure 2 // Atlanta, GA

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Length of stay: Two Night

Accommodations: Airbnb

Atlanta has always been a lunch or dinner stop on the way to Florida. When we lived in NYC, we usually timed our drive down to South Florida, with at least one vegan stop for me along the way. Atlanta has always come through for food, and then we were off. Since living in Nashville, we do the same exact thing. Lunch, and then bounce. Every time we say, “hey, we should really explore Atlanta”, and finally we did.

We planned our Atlanta trip around Market for my kid’s shop. We decided to rent an airbnb for two nights, and explore a bit aimlessly to get some footing. I figured if this trip was a total dud, it was easy enough to do a do-over being the drive is only 3.5 hours from Nashville.

This time we left early, but got pulled over and ticketed before we even left town, ran around to post offices looking for a lost package, needed to hop into my shop for a few, and wound up in Chattanooga for lunch. We always stop at Sluggo, and it was a great surprise to see they renovated this vegan spot.

We got the “hot wings”, and Atlas had an almond butter sandwich and carrot sticks, and then we were off to Atlanta, finally.

Our itinerary was pretty simple, being we had only booked two nights: I wanted to poke around some showrooms and explore, and Atlas really wanted to see the dinosaur skeletons at Fernbank Museum. If we could squeeze it in, there was a temple I wanted to peruse and Joey was going to bring Atlas to the aquarium while I was at the market. We were also looking into doing an escape room atlanta as we had heard very good things. Easy peasy.

About 20 minutes outside of Atlanta, Atlas started throwing up with no indicators what-so-ever. We didn’t know if he suddenly got car sick (he’s spent 100’s of hours traveling by this point), or one of those nasty viruses finally caught up with him after not being sick for nearly three years. Whatever the case (we still don’t know!) he didn’t act sick, and basically shrugged it off. He declared “bird poop came out of my mouth” and laughed. So we decided to skip anything too adventurous on day 1, and we headed to the temple.

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BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir is about 20 minutes outside Atlanta, and absolutely stunning. I wish I could show you the inside, but there are no photos allowed. A quick Google search will fill the curiosity. It’s the most peaceful and beautiful interior I have ever seen. I highly recommend it. Atlas was super well behaved and quite. He somehow understood that this was a time to whisper, and be calm. He made us very proud.

Across the street is the BAPS vegetarian restaurant, where we went to snag some dinner before heading to our Airbnb. While looking at the market aisles, Atlas had another “bird poop” moment, on aisle three. More like a “double bird poop”. We cleaned up our mess and swiftly left. Poor kiddo needed some rest, and we called it a night.

We loved our airbnb, which was a carriage house and in a great neighborhood, Ansley Park. It was nestled behind a very pretty large home in what seemed to be a historic neighborhood, and only $99 a night.

Instead of young to Market the next day, like we planned, I wanted to stick with the kid to keep an eye on him. He woke up in good spirits and ready to eat and explore. We stopped for vegan cinnamon buns at Cinnaholic. Atlas and I had custom mini’s and had a big one, they were pretty good. We headed to Fernbank Museum after we were confident Atlas would be keeping his sweet treat down.

Fernbank is a pretty awesome museum with an amazing outdoor path with activities along the way. The play space for kids is pretty great, and Atlas loved all the dinosaur exhibits.

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If your kiddo loves dinosaurs as much as ours, there are a few zones you should be sure not to miss.

The HUGE skeletons are crazy impressive, on the ground floor.

Outside, on the way to the outdoor path, there is a cool stegosaurus. There are also three dinosaur sculptures as part of the fountain if you enter in the front.

There is a whole room of pretty amazing dinosaur paintings and statues on the second floor.

The gift shop was also pretty good, and has lots of dino-gear.

I feel like we could have spent an entire day in the outdoor area. It’s all set up so beautifully, and interactively welcoming.

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Fernbank’s inside was a full day for us, especially because we wanted to not push Atlas. He was so happy to be there, and it was a perfect for a four year old.

The next day I went to Market, and Joey brought Atlas to the Georgia Aquarium, and it was amazing too. I am sad I missed out, but so happy they got some good time together. The dolphin show was their favorite part and it’s big enough to spend the day there too. No pics because, alone with a toddler. If you’re considering moving to Atlanta check out Homes For Sale In Alpharetta, the most popular community in the area.

The next day before we headed home, we went to West Side Provision District, and it was super duper cute. Lot’s of good chain stuff, mixed with local stuff. Kind of the same vibe as Ponce City, but a little more hip. Joey grabbed a bite at Alons, and enjoyed it.

I was even able to find the cutest, and most delicious bubble tea shop, Honey Bubble. happily curated chaos | bubble tea atlanta |

For two nights, with a briefly ill toddler, I feel like we packed a lot in. I am listing below some of our favorite vegan places to eat, if you are into that sort of thing. Also, a quick guide to toddler friendly fun.

If you are doing Atlanta with a toddler:

Fernbank is a must!

Georgia Aquarium

Westside Provisions

Ponce City Market/Roof

If you are a vegetarian going to Atlanta:

Bezoria – Very casual, almost fast food Mediterranean, which was very good and customizable.

Cinnahalic – Vegan cinnamon buns

Honey Bubble – Super good bubble tea

Viva la Vegan – So, the first time we went to eat here, we didn’t get out of the truck. It was a pretty rough looking parking lot, not going to lie. We decided to go back during day light and get it to go. The food was pretty good for that fast food kinda vegan craving.

Ponce City Market Food Hall // El Super Pan – The rice and beans are the best I have ever had, and the tofu bun is pretty delicious. Joey really likes the cuban if you eat meat. The Yuca fries are a favorite for Atlas.


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ps. If you are going to Atlanta, you may want to also check out our Savannah post, it’s 3.5 hour away!

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