Adventure 5 // Tampa Bay Area, FL

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June 6, 2018
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June 20, 2018

Adventure 5 // Tampa Bay Area, FL

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Length of stay: Three Nights

Accommodations: Legoland Resort + Airbnb

Travel Time: via Boca Raton, FL to Winter Haven, FL 3 hours,

Winter Haven, FL to Cave City, FL 35 minutes

Cave City, FL to Tampa 30 Minutes 


Atlas graduated preschool, and we are besides ourselves. This kid did it! He received 20 awards through the year, mostly for “being a kind friend”. Learned to swim. Learned to speak in full sentences. Made strong relationships. Began reading. Had a 30 hour travel day without a peep of whining. Explored the British Museum. Walked the entirety of Lisbon. Tried new foods. Made us proud, proud parents. And for that we celebrated with a week of “Whatever Atlas wants”.

Before we took to the parks, we made a pit stop here to this Honey stand. We were delayed a few hours because of a Doctor’s visit to check the tickle in Atlas’s throat. He said “just give him a few table spoons of local honey”. Lucky for us, we found an honor system honey booth and he loved it.

Moments later we were here.

lego land resort | happily curated chaos | Tampa with Kids

We started at Legoland. Twice. We did a whole big post about it last year, and not much changed so I won’t post a whole thing about it again. This time he wanted to ride Ninjago 10 times in a row, so we did. We also stayed at the Legoland Resort instead of the Beach Retreat. He loved the pirate room so much. In all honesty, the Resort is kind of similar to the Beach Retreat, but it is nice to walk to the park instead of drive across the street. It was very handy when we got met with a downpour on day two.

ninja go game Legoland | happily curated chaos | Tampa with Kids

lego land resort | happily curated chaos | Tampa with Kids

After Legoland, we headed over to Dinosaur World. If you follow along on our personal Instagram, you know we went to Dinosaur World every few months when we lived in Nashville. Can you believe they have another one in Florida? It was even better than the Cave City, Kentucky one! The weather was a bit cruddy and the mosquito’s were huge and hungry, but it was quite interesting and even had beautiful moments.

happily curated chaos | dinosaur world |

This Dinosaur World was located in Plant City, FL and worth the afternoon if you kiddo loves dinosaurs. It was $16.95 per adult and $11.95 for kids over 3.

In one day we did Legoland and Dinosaur World on our way to Tampa, so we took it easy at night and just has a nice dinner at one of our tried and true places, Bar Taco.

The next day, we explored Tampa. We started at a restaurant/shop, Oxford Exchange and hit up a few cafes.

happily curated chaos | Oxford Exchange |

As we poked around between St. Petersburg and Tamps trying out vegan food and coffee and places to explore, we came across this fountain and Atlas was so excited to play, so we pulled over. He had hours of fun! So much fun, we didn’t even bother with the two excellent looking museums right behind the fountain.

happily curated chaos | Atlas Tampa |

If you are vegan in Tampa area, check out these fine establishments

Farmacy Vegan Kitchen + Bakery


Love Food Central 

If we stayed a little longer, we would have checked out the new man made Crystal Lagoon, but honestly this Florida “summer weather” is a bit of a curse and it rains way more than you would think. I am glad we got to check out what we did and celebrate our boy. We are gearing up for a trip to Nashville, Houston, and New Orleans this summer as well, we will keep you posted.


happily curated chaos |

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