An Update on Life

Adventure 4 // Lisbon, Portugal
February 21, 2018
The Rich Hippies House Studio Before and After
May 30, 2018

An Update on Life

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If you have been following along on instagram and here, you have seen peeks of the massive project we have been working on this year, The Rich Hippies House. When we purchased her, she was in pretty bad shape and then just a few days after closing, a hurricane hit and trashed the yard. We lost a few fences, plants, and trees broke. It made the clearing out process pretty annoying, but at the same time we were very grateful that’s all the damage we encountered.

We haven’t shared too much because the timeline has been so wildly unpredictable with waiting for openings with awnings, landscaping, plumbing, pest control, etc. We thought we would be done in November 2017, and looking back, that was a pretty laughable goal.

I can’t tell you how many times we “finished” a room to just have to tear down a wall, or fix something, change something, or start over. This isn’t our first rodeo, so it should have felt less shocking. Somehow it didn’t. But are are in the home stretch (even though Joey is putting a wall back up as I write this, I promise).

So, what is the Rich Hippies House and why aren’t we living in it? Remember our plans to travel full time? Some stuff has come up that’s not really going to afford us the freedom to leave full time. We plan on doing a longer test run in Summer ’19, but for now we are in Florida, and then the plan is to be back and forth from Florida to Nashville until we can travel knowing we aren’t needed close to home.

Back to my point, our goal is to become homeless. Yep, you read that correct. Each of us gets a suitcase and that will be that. We officially enrolled Atlas in home school for Kindergarten, and have high hopes for the co-op he will be part of. We will own homes, but they will be investment properties. We made a huge list of places we want to buy homes or building in, and West Palm Beach just happens to be the first on that list. It’s set up to be a vacation rental and event space and is already booking up with events, to July in fact. It’s a pretty special place, and I can’t wait to spend time there and share it with others.

So, before we start posting projects and before and after images we thought we would share a peek of the now open, Rich Hippies House!

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She’s still standing!

How we got two couches, three beds, eight chandeliers and a bunch of accessories for less than $4K


Spanish Style + Palm Beach Style Peek at our First Room

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