And we got ourselves a bathroom!

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July 27, 2015
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August 26, 2015

And we got ourselves a bathroom!

Hi friends! It’s always the case that the blog posts slow down when life gets busier! We have been working on this bathroom, amongst many other projects, but have finished this space so we get to share! We left off here:

making a house a home I guest bathroom I

We wallpapered and got the toilet up and running as you know, so let’s talk about both before we go on! We chatted about how to instal this toilet, and hope we gave you confidence to DIY this because it’s way easier than you would think. Next, we were excited to test out it’s “cling free” promise and report back. We didn’t clean it once since we installed her. This is what she looks like now:

making a house a home I best toilet ever I

We have all tried her out (hello potty training Atlas!) many many many times over. It looks brand spankin’ new. Like, scary new. We are very very impressed with VorMax and their engineers because this is the biggest game changer we have seen in a long time. Take your hands out of your toilets people. The revolution is here.

Also, it’s a good looking bowl.

The wallpaper is holding up great, but we have been splashing water (I am not going to name any toddler names) on it and have had a complete sink change-of-heart because we need some major protection, aka backsplash, if we plan to keep the paper up for any amount of time. The sink we picked out is sold out anyway in white, and we don’t want to paint a $2,000 sink stand, if you know what we mean. So we found this beauty:making a house a home I wall mount sink I

It’s way off the plan, but look how cute she is. And she’s less than $700! We found it on a third party site and had to laugh when we found out it was an American Standard product, just like the toilet. The reason we haven’t pulled the trigger yet is because we have board and batten around the whole bathroom and are deciding if we want to keep it or ditch it.


The sink now does not have the board and batten behind it. So, we decided to live with the current sink until we can make sure we can collect all the current material or if we have to buy all new stuff. But here is what we did buy/finalize:

making a house a home I bathroom moodboard I

sources: magical toilet // handmade brass toilet paper holder // brass waste basket // vanity lighting // super cushy rug // wallpaper // shower curtain // tiebacks // basket

making a house a home I bathroom ideas I

making a house a home I vorMax in bathroom I


Above is the old toilet paper holder, and below is the new brass one to match the new vanity light.


making a house a home I bathroom vanity light I

This is such a happy and light filled bathroom, I am a bit jealous it’s our second bath. The new toilet (VorMax Estate) was the whole inspiration to prioritize this bath and we are so glad we got to it this summer. You can see that the taller toilet does wonders visually against the board and batten. We couldn’t be more impressed with something we take advantage of every day.

making a house a home I american standard I

making a house a home I claw foot tub paint I

The whole thing cost us about $2,500 and we predict with the new sink and edits to the wall, it’s going to be another $1,000ish depending on faucet selection. Check out the slideshow below for the full before and after and more “after” detail shots. Thanks for hanging out guys!


lana katsaros I




  1. MummaMsD says:

    its very elegant bathroom you made the best shout in here u are an inspiration

    • cliff evert says:

      I only wish my two toilets looked that good…I bought two of them…One looks as good as your picture, the other looks like it has never been cleaned. No matter how hard we scrub it never looks clean…Why you ask well I believe it was never glazed or inspected in the manufacturing process. My e-mails have fallen on deaf ears.

  2. pickmytoilet says:

    I l?ke your bathroom very much . I want remodelling my bathroom and my researches show that Kohler is one of the best toilet in the market . It seems perfect . It is very suits for my bathroom .

  3. Matt M. says:

    woww… amazing bathroom designs. loved to see all these. Thanks for sharing

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