And We Got Ourselves a Soul Mate

Living Room Redo
March 10, 2016
High Contrast, Here We Come
April 11, 2016

And We Got Ourselves a Soul Mate

Consideration was provided by Ace Hardware. All thoughts and opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of Ace Hardware.

Hello, lovlies. It’s been super duper busy around these parts. Our second Rich Hippie’s shop is opening this month and we just did a little face-lift to the first one, which got us redoing the entire house. We certainly don’t make it easy on ourselves! Sometimes I guess you get in the mood to change things and you just dive in and do it all at once. Even though we are still planning our move back home to New York (just probably not for a year or so now….), we can’t help but want to improve our home and feel happy in it. Every little thing I see that’s out of sorts I have to fix these days. It’s been soooooo good to knock stuff off the forever-list that’s been growing for almost two years now. Making the decision to move back took a lot of motivation away, but doing things like painting and replacing mulch isn’t going to hurt when it comes time to sell.

We have some nagging-at-me-non-stop places in the house which happen to all be clustered together. The master bedroom, bathroom, and hallway all have yet to be painted, styled, or considered at all. It’s such a shame too, because we use them all so much. The bathroom has such great bones, and beautiful light. We got icky country blue….

making a house a home I master bath I


…and a soul-sucking beige in the bedroom and the hall way. We finally got to tackle the last blue room in the house and turn it into something a bit less “soul-sucking,” and a little more “soul mate.” Gotta love a solid before and after.

making a house a home I purple bathroom I

So refreshing! It feels more like a spa now and I have convinced myself it smells of lilacs. The color is Soul Mate and we are in love. I think this would also be a fantastic color for a bedroom. It feels colorful and calm at the same time. We snagged ours at Ace Hardware. We are part of their 31 Days of Color campaign and each day a new color will be revealed by a new blogger. So hop on the loop on our Instagram and see who’s next in line. I also learned how much I love those brass knobs with a pretty purple. This color can get dangerous now that I am thinking about it.

making a house a home I soul mate paint I




Besides getting some major color inspiration, you can throw your hat in the ring for a chance at winning a $10,000 paint make over, or a gift card. Hey, ya never know – your whole house could get a refresh!


Another day, another color to inspire your home projects. Ever day in March, Ace is unveiling a featured color and giving you a chance to win a $10,000 room makeover! To learn more visit

making a house a home I lavender paint bathroom I



No purchase or payment necessary to enter or win.  Open to legal US residents residing in the contiguous United States and the District of Columbia who are at least twenty-one (21) years of age and who are homeowners.  Sweepstakes will run from 3/1/16-3/31/16.  Full rules located here.




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    And We Got Ourselves a Soul Mate

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