About seven years ago we launched a blog to help keep friends and family in the loop about our destination wedding with joeyandlana.com, about six years ago that all changed!…

After skipping our 2 week honeymoon to France and Italy and buying a house instead, we found ourselves jotting down what were were doing to make this 80+ year old home our own.

As of 2015 average traffic is 120K page views a month, not including the 2,000+ unique readers/feed subscribers. Our readers are amazing, and stay on the page for an average of ten (10) minuets!

            • We have 6,000+ Twitter followers, 6,000+ instagram follows, and 2,600 Pinterest followers
            • Giveaways are only open to our sponsors! ($50 minimum prizes)

Want to have us do a product review? Sweet! We are open to discuss relevant products dealing with home improvement, DIY projects, and home design and decor. Email hello @ makingahouseahome dot com for more details

We offer custom collaborations on social media, display, and partnered posts.

Joey and Lana Make a House a Home feature 3-5 new posts a week focusing on home design, decor, and DIY projects. We are were members of True Value’s DIY Blog Squad, Declared Creative Genius by DIY Network, are DIY experts over at 3M, have worked with almost 100 major brands and have been featured on many blogs and in Glamour Magazine!

Shoot us a line, and we’ll shoot you one back! 

*** WE DO NOT ACCEPT GUST POSTS OF ANY KIND. WE WILL NO LONGER BE ABLE TO REPLY TO EMAILS WITH REQUESTS FOR GUEST POSTS. (I know all caps is annoying, but really, no guest posts. Thank you***


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