Bed in a Box, Take 2

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March 6, 2017
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Bed in a Box, Take 2

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We have moved a lot more than we first anticipated. When we purchased our first home in New York in 2009, it was our thirty year plan. That was that. We went big, we went for exactly what we wanted, and we envisioned raising our 4 children there, doing every holiday at our huge dining room table, and being snowed in year after year in this house.

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After five years, we got honest with ourselves. We realized Atlas was going to be our only child, I confessed my utter distain for the cold, and I started dreaming up this totally ridiculous idea I never thought would happen, but knew the financial commitments to this house would surely prevent those dreams from happening. At the same time Joey was dreaming up a plan of his own. In one quick conversation we decided to move.

Nashville or Richmond is what it came down to.

After visiting both locations a ton, Nashville seemed to have what we wanted so we went for it. This meant that the nursery we so lovingly put together, would be disassembled, and we would have to start all over.

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Atlas has just turned one when we moved to Nashville, so we decided that our co-sleeping situation should perhaps come to an end as we transitioned, so we tried to make his nursery as similar as possible to the New York one. Sadly the artist, and sweet family friend, who painted that amazing tree, lives in New York and we would have to say good bye to it.

I am going to be honest at let you know that if you are pregnant and stressing about the nursery getting done “in time”, don’t stress. For the entire year Atlas had this room, he slept in it maybe a handful of times. We were hoping to change this with his new toddler room in Nashville.

making a house a home | happily curated chaos | |

making a house a home | happily curated chaos | |

The vibe was pretty consistent, and we kept his crib with his very special “nipple mattress”. So, let me tell you about this “nipple mattress”. It weighs a TON, but was the only mattress at the time that reported to have zero SIDS accounts. It was from Australia and cost around $700. When we told our realtor that the mattress was made from nipples, she paused, looked at us and said “human?!”. We about died laughing.

This move, with the new room, and the old vibes was not any more appealing to our tiny Atlas. He still found his way in our bed, every night, for the next three years. We eventually got him a queen bed, thinking the size would help. It did not.

Now, we are in Florida and determined (after four years!) to get him sleeping in his own bed. We finally got to the point where we could say “good night” and walk out of the room and he will put himself to sleep, in our bed.

So, we thought, and thought. What is so different between our bed and his bed. And it hit us.

Our mattress is unbelievably comfortable. Remember this, from four years ago, when we build a bed and found the perfect mattress for it:

I was about eight months pregnant, and we wanted a fresh, new mattress that was organic. Ya know, just incase we wanted to put the baby on the bed. Well, the baby never left the bed.

We are still in love with our Bed in a Box mattress. We got the PacBamboo, which I believe is now called the PacBed Original on their site.

Atlas got the baller mattress, Serenity, which is somehow even more amazing.

And we got out first night, alone in bed, in nearly four years.

happily curated chaos | bed in a box review |

happily curated chaos | bed in a box review |

happily curated chaos | bed in a box review |

happily curated chaos | bed in a box review |

happily curated chaos | bed in a box review |

happily curated chaos | bed in a box review |

So, we are going to answer some questions on here (we got over 500 questions from our youtube video + post last time we talked beds) because we see them coming in on our Instagram and Facebook already.

This is how your mattress shows up, how to open it, and what to expect once it’s open.

Other questions you all have been asking/have asked:

Do we like it:

We LOVE it. It’s a little firmer than the PacBamboo we bought, but just as cozy. These are both the most comfortable beds we have ever slept in, and we travel a ton and sleep in a lot of “luxury” beds, and ours is still our favorite and this new Queen may take it’s place as number one.

Is there offset:

There was a slight smell the first night, but it’s quickly gone away.

Is it heavy:

Yes, it’s very heavy. About 100 lbs. Joey rolled it though the door and into Atlas’ bedroom. It’s not so heavy you can’t move it, but you may want some help if you are petite.

Do you get hot:

We have had zero body heat issues with either.

How many types of mattresses are there available:

Right now we see five on their page, you should check it out yourself to see if one fits your needs.


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