September 3, 2009

The word is, Summer is over…

…….really? I feel like it’s just starting! This summer has been pretty wonky. We kicked it off at the end of May with our wedding in Jamaica, and from that point forward we have been so focused on buying a house, summer slipped through our fingers! We leave in a few weeks for our honeymoon, return, them move into our new house. Have I mentioned we have been on “go” for the past two years?! Our trip will be hectic and relaxing all at once. We are renting a car in Nice, France then taking a road trip until we
September 2, 2009

We finished the business blog!

come check it out!
August 17, 2009

Working on Working.

A lot of my life, postwedding, has been dedicated to the business Jason and I started.Bricks and Clicks Marketing Group, LLC is a full service marketing group specializing in website conversions and high end unique marketing scenarios. We are getting very very exciting because our website is almost complete and we will be able to offer our services to the public. Have a peek below, and tell your friends! xo
August 13, 2009

House. Puppy. Changes.

With the wedding over and so much going on, I decided to maintain the Joey and Lana blog after all. I am notoriously awful at updates as the day always seems to get away from me, but I cross my heart to try this time. This little bugger above is the new addition to our family. We named him Porkchop VanderSandwich. He’s a hoot. He likes to much on my hair and Joey’s beard. He loves to snuggle and hog my pillow at night. For 90% of the day he and Rocket chase each other around the house and play.
May 28, 2009

It flew by!

I can not believe after a year of planning, our wedding is over! Done! Finished! Thank you all so much for coming and sharing this with us! It meant the world to use! Photo information coming soon! xoJoey and Lana
May 15, 2009

We depart in ONE week!!!!

I can’t believe how fast the time has gone by!!!! We have stitched, glues, taped, packed, mossed, and used every craft we could possibly do to make this wedding happen! We are EXHAUSTED and EXCITED beyond belief. It looked like we will have a full house of guests coming, which we sincerely appreciate!!!! I just wanted to give some quick reminders as the day gets close: -Light clothing will benefit you most! Even at the wedding! -Bug spray!!!!! Sundown is the worst time. They suggest long sleeves is the best repellent! -No need for expensive jewelry. -Sneakers if you are
May 8, 2009

In less than three weeks….

We will be in Jamaica. We realllllly need a vacation. Jessica has sorted out pick up’s from the airport, here is the schedule: May 24th 1:08pmEricAdamBraedenGrantJustinGrandma GarciaGrandpa GarciaHenry GarciaMarie GarciaSteven HardenLulu GarciaGregory Katsaros May 24th 10:51amJason HaafKaren SternPaul Migliore (10:00)Joshua HayHelena Garcia (10:00)Charlie (10:00) May 24th 3:10pmSamantha SloaneGrandpa JoeRita Villa I will keep posting anything else helpful I can think of! xoL
April 20, 2009

No Joke – It's Close

Hi there! If I wrote it a million times, you still wouldn’t believe how busy we have been. I can not believe the wedding is but a couple weeks away. It’s absolutely insane how quickly the time goes by. We are still crafting away odds and ends and managing food, entertainment, etc for the wedding. I will admit (as I have many time before) – we will be so bored when this is over. 🙂 There is a wonderful blog I read, which I tell at least one person a day, Ez posts these wonderful quotes, and I couldn’t
March 26, 2009

Long Time – No Post

Hi there! Life has been very very very very (did i mention very?) hectic! I hope you received your info packets and got in touch with Jessica regarding your food request, etc. Sadly spring has not shown her face around these parts of town and a Jamaica trip will be much needed for many of us 🙂 Be well and see you SOON!J&L
February 23, 2009


Two more sneak peeks for those who are visually stimulated. wedding purse for the polaroid station xoL