A Paint Project a Month

 We had a really good time using paint to transform our home, from our bathroom to our bedroom, living room, and, now, dining room. We are almost ready to sell this baby. We got inspired by a local artist’s piece of work we acquired, and we thought it was the perfect opportunity to add a little bit of color to our otherwise high-contrast and neutral home.

We started off with a few different looks in our dining room. We had a gallery wall at one point against a white wall, and then a curio case.

making a house a home I sauder I happilycuratedchaos.com

When we decided to paint, we wanted to add just the right amount of interest, and it actually took some time to decide on the direction and tone of the color we were going to go with. We decided on the perfect pop of blue. It’s dark but somehow cheery, and it blends in with our neutral palette. Not to mention, it looks great with our new one-of-a-kind piece by Angela Simone. It was a tough decision to pick between something dark, or our typical bright-and-light pick. 


Happily Curated Chaos | clark + kensinton | happilycuratedchaos.com

Our dining room is just at the tipping point of an identity crisis. We have been sitting on some renovation ideas and deciding whether we are going to pull the trigger. The blue wall has led us to a chandelier decision, which led to a kitchen idea, and then had us baffled over where to go with window treatments, and new ideas about a rug are going on. The blue wall is such a pretty color; we don’t want to distract from it with too many patterns or pops.

Happily Curated Chaos | clark + kensinton | happilycuratedchaos.com

Happily Curated Chaos | clark + kensinton | happilycuratedchaos.com

Happily Curated Chaos | clark + kensinton | happilycuratedchaos.com

Happily Curated Chaos | clark + kensinton | happilycuratedchaos.com

Happily Curated Chaos | clark + kensinton | happilycuratedchaos.com

It was really scary to put the first coat of blue up in our nearly all-white house, but it looks so good and we are excited and inspired to keep pushing this home to its potential.

We are sad our “paint journey” has come to an end. Who are we kidding? We have so much more painting to do. At least we finally learned how to paint furniture, so expect a lot of thrifted-and-paint inspiration on the horizon.


happily curated chaos | happilycuratedchaos.com



Bathroom Bright UP

This post is sponsored by Ace Hardware

For this installment of our home transformation with Ace, we will be focusing on our guest bathroom.  Our guest bathroom has gone through a lot since we moved here a little over two years ago. That wallpaper in the mood board below makes me smile every time I go in there. I am surprisingly not sick of it, but what I was getting irritated at was the faux wood sink stand.


making a house a home I guest bath before I happilycuratedchaos.com

After making everything so light and bright, it just looked so heavy. If you remember, we made this mood board, where we picked something with less visual weight:

making a house a home I guest bathroom I happilycuratedchaos.com

When we went to buy the sink stand, they were sold out, and no longer making them. We thought about a DIY project to get the same look, but in the meantime (while we complete the 10,000 projects on our to-do list!) decided we can use paint to get a brighter feel.

We started off with things looking like this, which we already loved so much.


But now it feels so much better without that black box floating between the floor and the sink. We used Amy Howard At Home® One Step Paint™ in Ballet White, and then added a coat of Clear Wax to protect the paint job from bathroom elements. See for yourself.

making a house a home I how to paint bathroom sink I happilycuratedchaos.com

I just want to do a happy dance, because I love how it turned out. This paint is awesome and has made me think of SO MANY other projects I want to tackle. Nashville has an amazing flea market each month, and I will be scooping up those ugly pieces with beautiful lines and testing out different applications beyond the wax. I was really intimidated because we have never used chalk-based paint before, but there are a lot of videos and information from Amy Howard on how and what to use. As soon as we started, it was easy if you just follow the steps.

making a house a home I how to paint bathroom sink I happilycuratedchaos.com



I do not recommend using a small roller. We did and messed up the whole sink stand with little bumps. We had to razor the bumps off, and start again.




making a house a home I how to paint bathroom sink I happilycuratedchaos.com

Just a few tiny tweaks, and I think we will be completely done. Did you notice the new mirror? It’s so much bigger and works great for us and Atlas to use because it falls so much lower.

Have you seen our other Ace Hardware paint transformations? Catch up herehere, and here to see how we have been using all different kinds of paint to transform our home. Our next project is our final project with Ace, and we are so excited to share what we have up our sleeves. We have been thinking about this transformation for a long while!



Ace Hardware will be hosting a Dreamy Bedroom Makeover on a Dime with Amy Howard and Ace Hardware – Free online workshop, Aug. 11 at 12pm CT?

Join Amy Howard and Ace Hardware for a live online workshop on Thursday, Aug. 11, from 12-1pm CT. Amy Howard shows you how to make over your master bedroom with DIY projects that are simple to do and easy on the budget, but offer dramatic results! Transform your bedroom into a sweet retreat by learning how to rescue an old headboard, refresh a salvaged nightstand with antique mirroring, and create stunning decorative prints. Amy will be demonstrating how to use her One-Step Paint, Mirror Antiquing Kit, Copy Cat, and more! Register for free now!

Perfectly Pink and Neutral

This post is sponsored by Ace Hardware. All thoughts and opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of Ace Hardware.

As much as we are loving our new high-contrast living room, we thought we’d do something a little more low-key for our master bedroom. We decided to “mellow out” the black barn door hardware with something soft rather than stark.

making a house a home I spray paint barn door hardware I happilycuratedchaos.com

Two cans of Rust-Oleum 2X paint and primer later, we had a nice soft color relationship starting. We are still waiting on our window hardware and have to swap out the bed, but we are pretty close.








With the exception of taking the hardware down off the wall, spray-painting was a snap. The paint dried super quick, so we were done in just a few hours. Based on our experience, we have some tips to ensure success while painting on metal and plastic.


Before painting your metal, it’s a good idea to properly clean the object you’re working with to make sure no dust or residue is present. No one wants to see bumps when they’re finished painting or, worse, end up with paint that starts to flake off. Try to do a dry clean with an electrostatic wipe. If you must do a wet clean with a tad of detergent and water, make sure your item is completely rinsed and dry before spray-painting, or the paint may not adhere properly.

Two quick coats, and that’s that

Make sure to evenly spray each coat, and make sure the first coat dries before applying the second. There’s no primer required with Rust-Oleum 2X paint and primer. Make sure to shake the can well before applying. It’s always good to test in a discrete area before actually coating your metal.

Don’t spray too close

The joy of spray paint comes from its instant gratification, even coats, and quick drying time. If you spray too close, and try to get one thick coat instead of working in stages, you will have a drippy mess. Hold your hand back 2-3 feet while you spray.

Wax on

When you are done, apply some soy wax to coat the newly painted object. Just use it in its solid state and rub gently all over to “hold in” your work. Something functional, like this barn door track, needs a little extra protection to ensure that you can enjoy your work long-term.

Remember to always work in a well ventilated area and use proper protection.



If you’re spray-painting a smaller object – like a light switch, for example – do it in a box or someplace that can catch the paint, like a drop cloth. The big pro of spray painting is that is drys so much quicker than a traditional paint + brush treatment. It’s hot in Nashville right now, anything to cut down on time outside is a big plus.

Have fun spraying away. We will be sharing out full bedroom makeover soon. Almost there!

Rustoleum 2x: 2X spray paints let you polish off your project with an easy-to-apply, smooth finish with excellent coverage. These spray paints dry fast to save you time and come in 50+ colors and a variety of sheens so you can get exactly the look you want.




Our Bedroom, the Dump Zone, No More

This post is sponsored by Ace Hardware. All thoughts and opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of Ace Hardware.

We have avoided sharing our bedroom for so long because, well, it’s been unimpressive. The beige walls, our huge king bed taking up most of the space, the complete design neglect; all not worth sharing. As part of our ongoing home transformation with paint with Ace Hardware (which will last through September), we made two big decisions. Decision One: We are going to finally address the bedroom and get rid of that depressing color that’s somewhere between stale dirt and a rotten apple and Decision Two: We are going to pick a color that’s not white.

I would usually default to white for such a small space, but I really fell in love with this Clark  + Kensington Color at Ace Hardware: Soft Floral. It’s everything I want our bedroom to be, and surprisingly Joey was 100% OK with it being in the pink family.


making a house a home I pink bedroom I makingahousehome.com

making a house a home I master bedroom pink I happilycuratedchaos.com

It immediately brightened up the room with just the first coat. It was quite a magical transformation. This color is so beautiful. It’s got the slightest pink-blush color under all the bright white goodness. It’s not overwhelmingly girly, and it can absolutely be treated like a neutral and paired with browns or blues. I decided since Joey was OK with the pink, that I go in a more girly direction than usual and incorporate reds and corals into the room as well. Basically, I went totally girly. Living in the land of dinosaurs and cars and kid-friendly/boy-friendly everything else, I figured, why not?

making a house a home I pink bedroom I happilycuratedchaos.com

making a house a home I pink bedroom I happilycuratedchaos.com

making a house a home I pink bedroom I happilycuratedchaos.com

We did go with a satin finish, because Atlas is always in our room, and we always need to wipe the walls after Mr. Sticky Fingers has been around. That kid sure knows how to get peanut butter everywhere.


making a house a home I pink bedroom I happilycuratedchaos.com


The two old dressers are heading over to live at the airbnb, and we are investing in all new bedroom furniture. Right now we have the paint and rug, and light switches all here, but are still making a final decision on the dresser because I am weird about dressers and have never truly committed to a dresser. Ever. So let’s see how this goes. We need a really amazing magical dresser too. One that doesn’t let us pile our clothes up in a mountain every day because that extra 30 seconds is just too much time to waist.

Stop by your neighborhood Ace for Buy One Get One Free on Clark+Kensington. Gallons only. Limit 2 gallons. Offer Valid 5/25/-5/30 at participating Ace stores. See store for details.


14 Games to Play With Your Toddler

Atlas loves game night. He gets so excited when the three of us gather ’round and pop open a box of colorful pieces of chips, acorns, or cards. I rounded up our favorites that we play with our three year old. Somehow I thought we wouldn’t be playing board games with out kid until he was about six or seven, what a treat! These are entertaining enough to keep him engaged, and super fun for all three of us. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are a TON of games for your babe to play alone, this round up is our faves to play together as a family. Hope you fall in love with some of them too.

making a house a home I family games with toddler I happilycuratedchaos.com

press here   perfection   twister   squirrel   connect four   eating game

go fish   zingo   avalanche   snug as a bug  go fish  turtle throw  life on earth  sandwich game



Living Room Redo


We have worked this living room 100 times. No, seriously. We refused to buy a house that wouldn’t fit this couch, and this couch can only go on one wall in our living room. We did a lot of talking and planning. We almost pulled the trigger on a projector as the TV, but decided to save it for another room. We have switched rugs, coffee table, side tables, TV location, fire place color, room color, and art – more than once each.

making a house a home I nashville living room I happilycuratedchaos.com

Living rooms are soooooo hard. You have the constant struggle of what looks good vs. what works for real life. It’s pretty easy to make a living room look good, but there is a solid chance it’s not going to function like you need it to. Sure, I would love some chairs on the other side of the coffee table facing the couch. If we had people over for conversation 4X a week, that would make sense.

making a house a home I nashville mid century I happilycuratedchaos.com

Real life is more like Joey and me and Atlas doing yoga, dance parties, and epic couch snuggles on a daily basis, and we finally set up the room the way it actually works for us and I don’t hate the design. Can I get a “hands up”?

making a house a home I east nashville living room I happilycuratedchaos.com

Atlas loves to explore out the window, which is the only “TBD” moment. I have some window dressing selected, and just on a hunt for hardware that is nice, but not “too much” because the front door also needs dressing and they are so close to one another it can get really busy and overwhelming texturally.

making a house a home I atlas I happilycuratedchaos.com


making house a home I candle sconce brass I happilycuratedchaos.com

This chair was a gift to Joey from when we lived in NYC at our favorite furniture store, ABC Carpet and Home. It’s been hanging out in the Attic for two years and I am so excited we found  good place for her.

making a house a home I nashville mid century modern I happilycuratedchaos.com

There is a ton of space for Atlas to twirl around and floor space to play, and also there is nothing for him to ruin or break. It’s so nice to have this room done! Our clients and shop, Rich Hippies, has been taking all our design brain, but something tipped us these past few weeks into focusing on our home. I am so excited to share all the changes we made.

Making a House a Home I east nahshville living room I happilycuratedchaos.com

making a house a home I painted fire place I happilycuratedchaos.com



sources: 1. couch: Restoration Hardware 2. rug: RugsUSA  3. Slat Bench: vintage 4. Chair: ABC Carpet and Home  5. Sconces: Vintage 6. Planter (tall): vintage 7. White paint: delicate white by Olympic 8. small bear skin: Rich Hippies 9. XL sheepskin: RugsUSA 



Cha cha cha changes

Hi friends! There is a lot of change happening around life right now. If you hang out on our instagram, you probably have a good idea about two things going on that are consuming us right now. Thing one is: We are moving back to NYC. Yep. We have a very very big and exciting plan that is going to be very hard to execute, but we are SO excited to try and see if we can do it. Right now we have the Rich Hippies House (our AirBNB) up on the market and after we sell it we will share more details about the when, what and why.

Thing two: We are in a bit of a discovery process with Atlas. He has Sensory Processing Disorder and we are on a journey to find what it’s cause is along with some additional issues he’s facing. This is number one, and we have gotten pretty aggressive about figuring out what’s accompanying his SPD and setting out a path to follow to get him back on track so it’s been lots of Doctor visits and testing at hospitals until we can get some data that helps us.

Moving is extremely exciting, and with that comes some planning. The planning includes lots and lots of gatherings and good bye’s  before we have to stage our cottage to sell.

making a house a home I sauder I happilycuratedchaos.com

Being our cottage is so tiny, it doesn’t hold a lot of people. We had to make a decision to clear out a room for our first gathering. We decided to pull our dining room together to gather because it’s between the kitchen and the living room and a great space to pour a drink and have a chat.

We liked the new set up so much we kept it that way for a few weeks before replacing the dining set back.


Here is the before dining room we pulled out. It’s been a room we thought a lot about, like how we want to throw that chandy into the Cumberland and replace it with something more chic and cute. It’s a tiny room and clearly didn’t fit our old dining set, so we don’t really spend a lot of time in there.

making a house a home I dining room I happilycuratedchaos.com

I loved the storage of the chest and the very large and beautiful bar cart together. It was great to have durable surfaces for serve-yourself drinks and snacks and storage for cups and napkins hidden away in the drawers.


This pics are how we styled the room after our gathering. It became a catch-all for keys and mail and my glasses I always lose.


We kept the record player in the same placed because Atlas is actually very good at playing music on it. He’s very careful and mindfully guess what song begins where.


The chest now hold blankets for the couch along with some notebooks and pens, because we can never find pen and paper when we need it.






This other great piece we got (from Sauder) we set up as a guest station for people who crashed with us. We loaded it with towels and toiletries and I eventually began to use it as a safe place for my purse (Atlas is always snatching my phone) and hats.





making a house a home I sauder I happilycuratedchaos.com


A big ol’ thank you to Sauder for inviting us to help style their look book again. It’s such an amazing collection of unique ideas from bloggers, designers, and stylists.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Sauder. The opinions and text are all mine.

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