September 19, 2014

And it was all white

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. Kids love to reek havoc on walls. In particular, our little whirlwind, Atlas, is adept at scraping and dragging things along the wall as he either attempts to avoid a diaper change or just see if his Duplo block can pass through the drywall at breakneck speed. We’ve done a lot of painting lately so let me show you how the Olympic One paint has held up so far. Here’s Atlas’ room. All pretty and and idealized. Take a look at the changing mat. Pretty close to that vintage car pic and […]
September 17, 2014

How you like me now?

This motion switch went in the  bathroom. That switch on the right has saved me from an early grave. It’s a motion sensor switch by Legrand from their Adorne line. We’ve been outfitting our house with them so this probably isn’t the first time you’ve seen them on the page, but this one deserves some special attention. You see, Our bathroom has an engineering issue. See the light switch? Well, neither can we. You have to come into the bathroom and shut the door before you can turn the light or the fan on. You’re probably thinking, “big deal”. After […]
September 15, 2014

Float On

Oh TV table. I can’t wait to move you. But this story isn’t about you. It’s about creating some floating shelves on the far wall so we can get some much needed storage and activity space for Atlas. This also isn’t about painting so I will spare you the tale of me painting yet another room. I will say though that we really like this white. It is called Delicate White and it’s by Olympic One. Skip forward in time and this is what the newly painted blank wall looks like. We opt for white since it leaves the color […]
August 28, 2014

Next Up: Living Room

We have been chatting “living room” for the past few weeks, with not so much as a curtain decision until this past weekend. We had an epic “fail” with the reclaimed wood we bought for the dining room built in (hello bowed wall). It sort of forced us to made some decisions. That wood is now going to be used in the living room as smaller shelves (we are so excited to share), which lead to the living room being painted before we hang said shelves, which leads to paint decisions, which leads to a lot of other decisions before […]
August 26, 2014

Living in Rooms

Our living room is small. We were shocked our couch fit and it didn’t need to join the dining set in storage. We loved this couch. We drove through Hurricane Sandy for this couch. We weren’t going to be happy if things didn’t work. We had to nix the extra large coffee table, which is in storage, and temporarily (?) use the coffee table from our old bedroom’s sitting area. We don’t love it in the living room, but we also don’t hate it. For many people, this would be enough to move to something more to their tastes. They […]
August 5, 2014

A Room for A

If you dig before and after’s, home tours, free stuff and DIY projects, you might want to sign up to get the occasional non-annoying email from Making a House a Home (your email is safe with us, no spumy stuff here. Top priority once we finally found a home in Nashville, was to get Atlas set up first. We had been so rushed off our feet with trying to choose our next move that the nursery had to take a back seat. Choosing between our dream home in Connecticut that we found on and our dream home in Nashville […]
July 24, 2014

Bathroom Plan

Did you get to check out our home tour? We shared a peek of our master bathroom, and have been slowly been making decisions. I think we nailed some stuff down, but you never know with us. What we are sure about is utilizing some of the Phoenix Tapware bathroom accessories in order to add elegance to the room. I meditate a lot on a room before we take action. The bathroom is now a little country (with that blue again!), and we are painting it white, chatting about wallpaper. Here is where we are today: We are so excited […]
July 22, 2014

A Little Paint Therapy

When we decided to move, I had a couple things in mind. I wanted a home we could be more playful with. Our last house was a little stuffy and stiff and didn’t allow for much fun. I suppose we could have gone a little worldly “fun”, or perhaps eclectic more than we did, but the bottom line was, it’s an English tudor with massive rooms and it could look circus-y very easily. I tried with all my might to make it light and bright and fun and it felt that way as much as it possibly could. Fast forward […]
July 21, 2014

Let the Light One In

There is an ongoing debate between Lana and I about whether or not visible wires on sconces are acceptable. You’ll know who wins in about 2 seconds. Or if you are savvy in the ways of married life you already know. That lovely brass number is from our go to light people at Barn Light Electric. Lana and I would probably agree to live in a brass house at this point. What can I say… we both agree on brass looking awesome so anytime it comes up we say “yes“. More on that in the not-too-distant future. One of the […]
July 10, 2014

Nashville Dining Room Progress

The power of a moodboard. I really respect people who meditate and can focus on not focusing. I am not one who can easily envision what a room is going to look like when pulled together with the pieces I want to use. It usually works like this: I pin, pin, pin. Until I find a repeating theme going on and then decide if it’s got longevity or is a flash-in-the-pan trend I am going to tire of in just a few months. I pull together something visual, enter moodboard, to see if the pieces I picked and the ideas […]