September 5, 2017
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Adventure 3 // Legoland Florida

Length of stay: One Night Accommodations: Legoland Beach Retreat Length of stay: One Night Accommodations: Legoland Beach Retreat After being in Florida for a few months, […]
July 9, 2015

Gypsy Picnic Recap

We had planned the cutest backyard picnic, and were so excited to set up and then BOOM! Thunder, lightning, and rain. After weeks of planning, we […]
June 23, 2014

Gypsy Picnic Treasure Hunting

  G’mornin lovies! We are in party mode in Casa Katsaros! We have two parties we are hosting and a hearty handful of more to attend. […]
May 29, 2014

Going behind the Good Housekeeping Seal

Since we moved to Nashville, we have been to Houston for two weeks, Florida for two weeks, and New York for a week. Keep in mind […]
May 21, 2014

Gypsy Picnic Love

Oh, Nashville! You have our hearts. The weather has been so great. New York had the worst winter, and to come to Nashville and have such […]
December 30, 2013

Six trips in eight months with an infant pt. 1

When you have a child, everyone warns you how much your life is going to change. And it does. Not in the ways they explain it […]
August 7, 2013

Fun Day // 2

We played hooky on Friday. I guess that’s kind of a silly thing to say when both Joey and I work for ourselves these days. We […]
June 17, 2013

Fun Day // 1

It’s been on my to-do list forever it seems, and finally the fair came to New York! This event inspired me to start a new category […]