March 26, 2016

And We Got Ourselves a Soul Mate

Consideration was provided by Ace Hardware. All thoughts and opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of Ace Hardware. Hello, lovlies. It’s been super duper busy around these parts. Our second Rich Hippie’s shop is opening this month and we just did a little face-lift to the first one, which got us redoing the entire house. We certainly don’t make it easy on ourselves! Sometimes I guess you get in the mood to change things and you just dive in and do it all at once. Even though we are still planning our move back home to New York […]
July 28, 2015

And we got ourselves a bathroom!

Hi friends! It’s always the case that the blog posts slow down when life gets busier! We have been working on this bathroom, amongst many other projects, for quite a while now. We all know how long it can take to install things like Clearwater baths, but we have finally finished this space so we get to share! We left off here: We wallpapered and got the toilet up and running as you know, so let’s talk about both before we go on! We chatted about how to instal this toilet, and hope we gave you confidence to DIY this […]
May 6, 2015

Toiling Away

The future we were all promised as children is finally here! While we still have to wait for flying cars and hoverboards, we can now put our days of cleaning skid marks out of the toilet behind us. Rejoice, my friends. source Well, these kiddo’s are learning how a toilet works while wearing poop hats in a toilet museum in Japan. We don’t have anything that fancy going on, but we are just as enthusiastic to share our new findings with you. If you took a moment to watch the video above you’ll know Lana and I just upgraded to […]
February 10, 2015

We are ditching our TV…. (major giveaway!)

…not because we went all “I now exclusively read for entertainment”,  but because I finally had enough of working our massive black-box of a TV into our current and future design of our living room. Also, I have nightmares of the TV falling on Atlas. I must have pinned a thousand different ways to “hide” your TV. Place art around it. DIY a wood box around it. Place art over it. You name it, I pinned it and cringed. Don’t get me wrong, we will still be watching Disney movie marathons, snuggling up to Downton Abbey when the babe falls […]
January 22, 2015

Welcome to The Rich Hippies House

We have chatted about the MAHAH Project House / The Rich Hippies House a little here and there, but have yet to dig in because, well, it’s been chaotic. We have been on a tight budget with not a lot of time to spare (tick-tock goes the mortgage payment requirements), so today is like a part 1 visual party of before and after and what/how much. We did originally look at buying another house and we found some great houses. You can visit website if you’re looking to get a new house, but make sure you find the perfect one […]
October 23, 2014


Feast your eyes on our brand new (to us!) beauty! She even came with this charming scene in the basement. No joke. We had to make a special request for the removal of this doll. If you know us by now, you know the weirder and more beat up the better. We watched them put the For Sale sign up from our living room, called, and offered all in the same day. With some minor (major!) bumps in the road, we finally closed last week and were able to share the news. Actual view from our house to the project […]
August 19, 2014


Who do I look like, Prince Leopold!? We don’t need no stinkin’ chair rails! Now put on your best 18th Century garb and lets tear up some wall. Or, ideally, not tear it up. Princess Lana decreed that chair rails shall be banished from within our domicile walls and the little boy in me said, “Huzzah! To the shed!” or something like that. All outdated language aside, here is the quick and easy way to remove a chair rail without destroying your walls. You are going to need: A box cutter. A flathead screwdriver or other prying tool (Preferably a […]
August 13, 2014

Gettin' Touchy

There are a few things in life that have become so ubiquitous we never give them a second thought. Gas on the right, brake on the left. QWERTY keyboards. Horribly ugly and outdated light switches. My name is Joey, and I’m here to break the cycle. Pretty, ain’t she? These are from a company called LeGrand. Specifically, these are from the Adorne line. Continuing with our tradition of “If it’s brass, we won’t pass” (terrible line I know, but I’m not a poet) and pairing that with their slick touch sensors and dimmers we are floored how such a quick […]
July 16, 2014

Flip the light fantastic

If there is one thing that you could have in a room above all else, what would it be? Did you say light? Cause if you didn’t, you may want to rethink your answer. No one is going to care how stunning that life sized statue of Casey Affleck is when they have just broken their nose walking into the clenched fist of your 2-1 scale Mike Tyson statue that towers in the middle of the room ’cause it’s pitch black in there. Alright… Extreme example, yes. And now that we have established the importance of lighting, we can move […]
June 10, 2014

Nashville House Tour // Master Bath

Hello friends. We had a wonderful and very busy weekend with Rich Hippies at Porter Flea in Nashville. If you have never been, I very much suggest you make a day of it. There are so many talented folks. We were humbled to be amongst them. We are about 1/2 though 100 projects right now, and I am bursting at the seams to get them up on the blog. Our home tour series is almost complete, which means a lot more fun ideas to share are coming so soon. We know our move and the baby has side tracked us […]