September 26, 2012

Art, Unframed

I counted 13 pillows on my bed. This was before I received my DENY Designs order. Now we are at 14, and in all seriousness, I may hit 20 before the year is over. I am pretty addicted to pretty, soft and cozy things. Like this fit-for-a-vegetarian skull pillow designed by Wesley Bird. Wesley, we should be friend, I really like your soft-hard-unique style. I hope you find a man with a mustache soon. Like an old lady addicted to bingo, I just can’t get enough pillows. There are a lot of really great artists on DENY, so I collected a handful
July 30, 2012

Looks Like We are in the Rug Adopting Mood!

Would you believe me if I told you I just bought an 8’3″ X 11′ rug for $251.47? I wouldn’t believe you either! Just snagged this pretty little lady up at the summer clearance sale which ends tonight! Proof + photo below! So excited to put you under my bed!
July 20, 2012

Bed In A Box, Take Two!

We have had some time to sleep on the bed and are ready to dish the dirt. It’s pretty perfect and everything we said it was before, except one thing. Joey doesn’t notice it as much as I do, but the smell of the bed, which was pretty awful on day one, has been driving me mad. Day two it was reduced to about 1/2, but there is this lingering chemical smell that a pregnant lady can identify from a mile away. Other than that, we are super happy. We made a nifty little nugget to show you what to expect if
July 17, 2012

What to do with your Instagram Photos

Instagram! Yes, I am addicted! Naturally you can find us at makingahouseahome. I cant believe I have snapped over 500 pictures of everything from monthly photo challenges, to silly pics to moments I have truly fallen in love with. Now, what to do with all those pictures you don’t want to just horde on instagram, but actually do something with? It all started while hunting down a sweet anniversary gift for Joey a few months back. Blurb has always been my go to for a mushy and personalized gift. I get obsessed with designing my blurb books. They are super
July 13, 2012

We just joined the civilized world with…… A RUG!

Back in the olden days, Lana and I would walk through the entryway of our home on the bare cold wood like peasants. But NO MORE! In these promising new times we stealthily glide across a mystery material only known as “jute”, whatever that is. (Actually, its a vegetable fibre, but you can just google it like I did if you’re really interested) We thought it made a great addition to our foyer and you can see for yourself below.   Lana found this gem on If you’re looking for something like it, you can do a search fot
July 11, 2012

From Queens to Kings

Happy Monday! We hope your weekend was fun! We had to catch up on work, and get our new bed set up, so it was good in a dorky way, not in a fun way. Hopefully in the next week I can get out of bed a bit more and start enjoying this pregnancy! iTunes and me have become besties and I just keep renting and renting movies to keep me sane. Speaking of keeping sane, our Queen mattress on a King frame situation is officially over. I feel very much less white trash this week than I did last week. Bye-bye
July 9, 2012

The Best Houston Haunts + a Story

Funny story about Houston….. We went to Houston for Joey’s brother’s graduation back in May (wow, it’s July, isn’t it…). Gregory was leaving high school and off to enter the academic wilds of college and Joey was a very proud older brother.  I had been under the weather (I thought I had it bad back in May, if I only knew what I know now!), however pretty excited for the trip. I love Houston, and and visiting! I very much lucked out in the in-law’s department because they are about as great as they come and always fun to visit.
July 3, 2012

We bought a bed. In a box.

Happy Holiday Week! Thanks so much for the emails – I am feeling a bit better! These new meds are working some of the time, so that’s exciting! With six more months to go before we meet our little one, we have a lot of planning and buying going on. It’s a little panicky, especially when our hot water heater just broke and we had to shell out an unexpected $2,000 to enjoy the glory of hot water again. One of the things I insisted on was a new mattress. We built a pretty great King size bed from scratch,
May 29, 2012

Table Top Trot

Hello! We have been a little “shop” happy lately, and it all started with Joey suggesting we need new silverware. We had many discussions on the direction we were going, and he gave me the green light to get these guys… At $29 a place setting from West Elm, there was really no excuse to not get them, but the silliest thing held me back. The knife. I know it’s totally silly, and I am sure there is a reason the “blade” isn’t gold – but I just couldn’t bend. It’s not like you can buy a flatware set and
May 14, 2012

Brimfield Recap #1

Ah! Brimfield! I didn’t think we were going to make it! I was vomiting for two days straight and successfully hid it from Joey until day three when I broke down and collapsed from being sick. I figured if he didn’t know how sick I was, we would get to go to Brimfield! It was super important to me for a few reasons. Reason #1, this would effectively be the 6th trip we had paid for and not taken in the past three years. Reason #2, my life has been about everyone else for an ENTIRE year. I seriously have