February 17, 2014

It's been a pain in the Nash!

Hello friends! You have no idea how much I have avoided hopping on the blog and ranting and raving about how much moving just plain sucks, and then what a pain it’s been to find a house in Nashville. Hopping around with a baby and two dogs is less than fun. Like, maybe labor was a little easier (and certainly less time consuming) than this. I am going to spare you the details and drama of the last month, and do something better for you. I am going to collect all the really great info we now have about the
January 16, 2014

Six, I mean seven trips with an infant pt. 2

We took an “emergency” trip to Nashville on Sunday, completely unplanned. The tudor we were thinking about, and getting quotes on sold within twelve hours of our realtor giving us the information about what the contractors said. Remember I said Nashville was a crazy real estate circus? So, we drove on Sunday to show up Monday for an equally awesome open house. Then the open house was canceled. The tenants renting the house got sick. I can not explain the level of disappointment happening when we heard. We knocked on the door and basically begged to get in. After driving
December 30, 2013

Six trips in eight months with an infant pt. 1

When you have a child, everyone warns you how much your life is going to change. And it does. Not in the ways they explain it per say, but in ways you couldn’t have planned for or dreamed up. Basically, the day Atlas turned twelve weeks old, we planned a road trip down to Houston for a sip n’ see my mother-in-law wanted to host for us. We thought it was smart to get him use to travel as soon as we can, so we did what we figured would be the most complicated thing, a 3,200 mile road trip
December 15, 2013

Cute Cards

Happy weekend friends! Have you sent our your holiday cards yet? If not I got a good collection of cards and a really cute thing I have never seen before to share. Have you ever seen these ornament cards? I think they would also make such cute gift tags!   I love how Minted has a group of really good designers, but it makes picking what you want a bit difficult with all the amazing options. I want to see what your card looks like! We hope the holidays are being stress-free on you!  
December 10, 2013

Working on What's Next

It’s hard to believe almost a year has gone by since we had Atlas! Time literally flew by. It’s time to move on to our next baby, a new home. Since we have sold the house and are going through the process of planning a move, and packing, we figure it’s a good time to start working on what’s next. Being we don’t want to rush finding our next home – we are going to rent for a little bit while we research our new territory. We have a few options rolling around our brains, and building is one of
November 29, 2013

Life, as it happens to be

It’s a funny thing. We have been talking about moving for a long time. A LONG time. We almost moved to LA, I even took a one way flight while Joey came back to NY to sell the house. After three weeks, it felt all wrong. I was working with the wrong people, feeling all the wrong vibes, and flew back post haste. I am so relieved I did. It’s funny to look back on, because that decision could have been a complete game changer, and I like where we are right now. Obviously we aren’t working on the house
November 18, 2013

So, here's the deal….

Over the past few months we have been wrapping up the renovation to casa Katsaros, and have finally finished. We put a little over $60,000 into her over the past four years, and are so over the moon happy to see her all purdy and shiny. We will post everything we did, but sadly it had become to hard to post in real time with multiple projects going on. Also, there is this…. As I sit on the couch waiting for a sweet lady names Mae to stop by, I feel compelled to let you know what’s going on. We
October 18, 2013

It's Fall Ya'll!

I am so over the moon excited the holiday’s are-a-comin’! Joey and I have always gone pumpkin pickin’, and now that we have Atlas, and he’s an age were he gets excited and responds to things, this year was by far the BEST pumpkin pickin’ experience yet. Atlas was so excited by the pumpkin patch! It was the cutest thing ever. He even helped pick the pumpkin we adopted and brought home. After we figured out the pumpkin situation, we had to start focusing on costumes and decor! This year we have two parties, so I figured we would have
August 9, 2013

Made + ReMade

How fun is this?! We were crowned Creative Geniuses from the lovely Emily from MerryPad! It’s a lovely distraction from the kitchen chaos happening! Sink is on it’s way! The breakfast nook has a new fan and we got some new hardware on the blue blue door (which I am continuously obsessed with and makes me smile every time I come home). Our slick new VT Countertops are scheduled to be installed in just a few short weeks and next up is tackling a ceiling paint job in the kitchen before we install those beautiful brass bad-ass lights from Barn
July 22, 2013

What do you treasure most?

It’s amazing all the things we accumulate in our lives. The junk and the treasures alike in our case! I have been reading what people treasure the most, and it’s so interesting to see how simular and different we all are at the same time. Some people say the home itself, others a horse!  I suppose if I had to pick the things most worth protecting, it would have to be, in no particular order: My family and puppies (Porkchop VanderSandwich and Rocket VonScience!) The bed we built, I couldn’t imagine it getting damaged! My desk and pillars shipped from India