July 1, 2013

I am Going to Social Academy!

This all started because I gained 4o lbs when I was pregnant with Atlas. When we was born, I lost 15 lbs and then gained back 5 on our road trip to Houston. It scared me so hard. I realized, hey – you are not 20  years old anymore, and you don’t play soccer 30 hours a week either – you are going to need to actually work at losing this baby weight – and so it began. I read a bunch of crazy coo-coo stuff on line about weight loss, then went to my Doctor to chat about the
June 5, 2013

I pledge to clean up after myself more often! Do you?

Pledge®  Multi Surface Everyday Cleaner dusts AND cleans at the same time. Clean up multiple messes on multiple surfaces, all while removing up to 90% of the allergens found in dust and leaving the finish of your surfaces unharmed. See how you can dust better and clean more at Pledge.com. Pledge has partnered with super-cutie Victoria from A Subtle Revelry on a few quick craft & clean tip videos you should get your eye balls on! We are a Pledge house, so it’s a pleasure to share their creative and cute videos with you! Enjoy and don’t forget to clean up
May 27, 2013

Winning at Cards

Happy Memorial Day! We hope you are are up to something fun! We have been having a great weekend exploring north of Manhattan and winding up in some pretty inspiring places. Check out our instagram to see what we have been up to! We have also spent part of the weekend planning a little party for Atlas. Next month a small group of us are gathering for a Christening and Naming Dedication. We really loved how the postcard thing went for birth announcements.   We decided to follow suit and get postcards made for next month’s celebration. You know we
May 16, 2013

My baby doesn't have a red face!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Huggies®. We have been using Huggies Natural Care® Wipes with Triple Clean to keep boogers at bay while Atlas is sick, and loved the results. If we didn’t love it, we wouldn’t post it. Here are the details! It’s been 16 weeks today since Atlas was born. For 10 of those days I have been sick. For 5 of them he has been sick. For two of them Joey has been sick. It’s amazing how fast time is going. He weighs over 17 lbs and eats like a champ, which
May 14, 2013


Hi friends! I am wrapping up a 10 day cold/3 day no voice fest that I have given to Atlas and now it looks like Joey has it too! Sorry for the lack of posts, but know we are working on some pretty great ideas for our #MAHAHKitchenReno if you want to follow along on Instagram (@makingahouseahome). Also, tomorrow is our first Instagram flash-sale! Busy and sick is no fun, can’t wait to relieve myself from both! Wish us luck with getting the bugger out of A!
April 30, 2013

6 Tips To Get Your Little One to Sleep Through The Night

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Huggies®. If we didn’t love it, we wouldn’t share it.  After Atlas was born everything changed and I suppose it’s that way for all moms. Am I picking the right products for my baby, or will it result in some major calamity if I have chosen the wrong items?  Is it OK that not everything is organic? Will he sleep through the night? The days go so quickly now with all these and many more questions spinning in my head. I just want to do this right. I never
April 22, 2013

Over 3,200 Miles With an Infant

11 days. 3,200+ miles. 4 hotel rooms. Two 30-somethings with their 9 week old driving from New York to Texas with a stop in Nashville seems a little nuts, and well, it is. We decided to bring our bubbling baby boy down to Houston to hang out with the grandparents, and meet the great-grandparents and the extended family. We had no idea how this was going to go. It took us 28 hours to get to Nashville alone, and that’s a 12 hour drive. Ya know what, though? It was so much fun. Yea, we stopped every 2-3 hours for
April 10, 2013

April is always a weirdo sandwich month.

See, Joey and I got married in Vegas at a Howard Johnsons with Elvis singing to us. This isn’t a late April Fool’s joke. It totally happened, and it was very much planned. Our parents came, my best friend did too. It was a blast. We played our magic numbers, and won at roulette. It was kind of an amazing long weekend. This happened on March 23, 2009. Then in May (on the 25th), we had a big ‘ol wedding in Jamaica. April is kind of that weirdo time where we have major-things-to-celebrate-sandwich going on. So, Jamaica was more of
March 27, 2013

Photo Project Fun

  Hello friends! A million and one years ago in another life, I use to take photos for a living. I toured with many a band, to many of states and shot live and editorial for many of magazines. This was back when film was 35mm, and my life only focused around music. Fast forward 10 years and here I am barely able to turn on a digital camera, and I take photos of my baby, husband, and house now. As amateur as they may be, these new pictures that my life revolves around are the most valuable to me.
February 15, 2013

Ready, set, vote!

Hello friends! Back in November you may remember we posted about Ikea being awesome and giving a group on need a $25K kitchen make over. Think firehouses and community centers, those people who service the public on a nickel and dime budget. I LOVE that Ikea is working with Family Handyman to giveback! The nominees are all collected and ready for your vote right here. If feeling warm and fuzzy wasn’t reason enough to vote, Ikea is giving away a $100 gift card to a lucky voter! This post is a sponsored post, however I think what they are doing is fantastic and hope