October 19, 2015
Tiny Crisis

Tiny Crisis

You guys, we are going through a tiny little crisis here. We spend a lot of time on the porch as a family. Atlas loves to water plants, there is a serious love for keeping things green alive. We draw with chalk all over everything, he bounces on his trampoline, and we wave to neighbors. When Atlas hits the hay, Joey and I spend time out there drinking coffee and playing backgammon and enjoying a moment of peace and relax. Then, they came. It started with one, and then one grew into a tiny town and the town turned into […]
May 1, 2013

House Crashing on Steroids

I had the honor and pleasure of checking out Housing Work’s Design on a Dime event hosted in NYC this past week. If you aren’t familiar with Housing Works, you can check out their site and get to know their cause in more detail. Basically, really well curated home goods are deeply discounted and sold at the Design on a Dime event, and if you don’t live in NYC, you can always check out their online auctions, which are also pretty sweet. All the money goes to helping those with HIV/AIDs with housing, medical, support, and other services. It’s such […]
April 18, 2013

Prettying up the front yard

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of HGTVGardens.com. We finally have the confidence to tackle the front yard and address the lack of color! We were introduced to HGTVGardens a few weeks back and have been happily using it as a guide to help us do everything from picking flowers, to schooling us in what the best plants are for our specific area. They have this pretty and simple tool you can use, and it’s very visual – great for Joey and I who don’t know the names of most plants or their variations for that […]
March 18, 2013

5 Tips to Keep & Grow Healthy Plants & Vegetables This Spring!

I tend to kill plants. Like every plant I have ever bought. Even cacti. I have tried over and over again to nurture and love them so they flourish  yet I fail. I follow the instructions exactly, and somehow I am unable to grow anything from a seed, or keep anything alive. I had Joey build me some raised beds before winter started so I can meditate and focus on healthy plants in the box. I wish I was kidding. I blame New York. Dirty air and crapy winter kills the spirit of my plants. At least that’s what I tell […]
February 21, 2013

This little light

Hello friends! I feel like I have been in a cave and lost track of time. I guess that’s kind of a true statement. It’s cold here in New York, and freakishly windy, so we haven’t left the house all that much yet. It’s also feels like one long day since Atlas was born. I think I got three hours of sleep last night, but don’t quote me on that. Time has been a precious commodity to say the least, even more so than sacred sleep. We were shocked when we realized yesterday our little man was already four weeks old. Please someone, tell […]
February 6, 2013

TIMBER! Tips for getting the city to do your dirty work.

Thanks so much for your kind words, advice, encouragement, and blessings through our pregnancy! We are super happy to announce we gave birth on 1/23/2013 to a healthy baby boy we lovingly named Atlas Archer. He has gobbled up our attention, and I am sure he will continue to do so indefinitely. A lot has happened since our last post. A LOT. We will catch you fine folks up bit by bit, but let’s start will a small victory pre-baby! This isn’t us being cheap, trust me. We had a rotting tree in the very front of our yard which […]
September 4, 2012

Building Raised Beds with Safety in Mind

I have been bugging Joey about putting a raised bed on the side of the house to grow some small fruits and veggies for a while now. We got about as far as a sketch, a location, and a discussion for a long long time. I have this vision of our yard being something like this one day.. But today, we will focus on working with what we have and then get fancier as we get mor comfortable with working beyond wood. You would not believe how much research one has to do to grow edibles safely in a raised […]
May 30, 2012

We Started Water Harvesting. Finally.

Last Spring we bought this water harvesting barrel, and never got to setting it up. It was quite easy. Here’s a beak down of what we did. 1. Pick a Place. 2. Measure barrel (to the top of the barrel). 3. Cut drain (to the point you measured) 4. Put the Barrel under the drain 5. Enjoy. Like I said, seriously simple. So why are we water harvesting? Here are our top 10 reasons we water harvest! #1 It was super simple to get started! #2 It’s free (almost) and there is so much of it! For every inch of […]
August 27, 2011

Fair Weather Warning

Friends. This week has taken the busy cake and ran off with it. Last night we had the meet and greet with Emily Henderson and are SO excited to share, but right now we are dealing with preparing for/creating an escape route from Hurricane Irene. Look at the size of this lady: If you are on the East Coast we have you and your families in our thoughts and hope we all escape this crazy storm. And if you have pets, please please please bring them with you wherever you go. Don’t leave them behind.  Also a reverse 911 call […]
March 31, 2011

Extreme Green Homes

I have been accused of being a hippy by more than one person. In all honesty I don’t really know where they would gather I am a hippy other than I like animals and I am a vegetarian. I guess that’s enough to qualify me. I guess I’ll take the title.  So Joey and I live right outside of New York City in Westchester County. It’s just fifteen miles north of Manhattan, and feels a world away. We both grew up in pretty typical suburban areas in Texas and Florida. We went to both private and public schools, had neighborhood […]