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December 12, 2014
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January 14, 2015

Cottages and Cabins

This was our first Nashville Christmas, and it was a very packed two week holiday for us! Joey surprised me with a magical weekend in a cottage in the woods to celebrate the first moment we met 10 years ago. That happens to be the day before Christmas Eve, which means it’s difficult to manage a focused celebration, but this time Joey killed it with secret planning and lots of mushy sweetness.

Joey’s parent’s and brother came to town en route to New York, and then we left for an extended Christmas upon their departure to a cabin in the mountains. It was really nice to have a Christmas sandwiched between a cottage and a cabin, and Atlas loved it all. Nashville really is magical during this time. The snow is clean, and the snowflakes are shaped perfectly. Lots and lots of homes decorate and you can really feel the season here.

In between our break/vacation/Christmas we got to wrapping up the project house (well, one unit!) and are almost ready for booking! Just a few final touches to make it more homey and we will welcome our guests. We are so so so excited and hope and dream to open many more AirBNB’s in and around Nashville!

I know this is the time to share hopes, resolutions, and goals – but right now I am still living in my dreamy head about what magical moments we had while Atlas was off school and my shop was closed, we were all together in the mountains splashing in creeks and collecting rocks by the riverbank. I have so much to share about the project house, our current home, resolutions, and business, but for now here is a visual snippet of the last moments of 2014. Hope you and yours had an amazing holiday and transition into 2015.








making a house a home I christmas I

Gosh, I love the woods. I love them so much. I feel so at peace while wondering around and Atlas is just so engaged with it all. These pictures are from the lest few days of our break in Pigeon Forge. I have been coming here since I was a kid, and it never gets old.






Before we headed for the hills, we spent our first Christmas in Nashville in our cozy home. We went traditional this year with decor. Ghee, our Elf on a Shelf, was found each morning of December by Atlas with such a huge smile. It was amazing to see him so into our traditions. We built (and by we, I mean Joey) Atlas an art bench that Atlas fell in love with at The Frist. Joey constantly impresses me with his ability to just see something and build it.





making a house a home I christmas recap I

Our membership to Cheekwood has paid off so much! It’s a wonderful place for toddlers. Atlas loves to watch the train, and they always have great events and holiday activities. We went to see the reindeer, decorate cookies, and model Joey’s sweater that he wore when he was Atlas’ age because it happened to fit just in time for Christmas.








making a house a home I Franklin cottage rental I



making a house a home I christmas plans 2014 I

Atlas I

Perhaps my favorite part of our holiday was when Joey surprised me with a cottage in the woods in Liepers Fork (the cutest town outside Nashville) that was basically perfect. Lots of snuggles and cocoa and s’mores. The first night we spent alone, and then missed Atlas way too  grabbed the babe and all headed to the woods for another night. Clearly he got sick of us taking so many photos.

I loved the down-low decisions we made this year. It’s been a good vibe to enter 2015 with. Did you all do anything exciting this holiday? Any funny Elf on a Shelf positions you tried?

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