Father’s Day Picks

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May 31, 2015
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Father’s Day Picks

This post is sponsored by T.J. Maxx. All opinions are my own.

It’s a rare occasion when I show up on time and prepared these days. Joey and I have been trying to learn to let others work for us and take a step back so we can breathe and enjoy more of this life we have created. That includes planning more “us” time independently and a little surprise for each other and being more mindful about special days and moments. It also includes being less busy so I can be more prepared and not late. This year we had both dads in town at the same time so we wanted to have Father’s Day gifts in hand. We were so not late.

We went to T.J. Maxx to gather our goods for both dads. We scored big being they both got some really great stuff to go home with and it didn’t bust the bank. My dad loved his shirt and pen so much! My father-in-law travels a ton so we got him a dope kit to keep all his essentials in. We got one for my dad a few years back and saw how it made travel so much easier. Everything was so cute and fun and would make such good mix and match gifts. I am thinking about that Swiss Army Knife for Joey….

tj maxi father's day



You can’t see the matching blue pen we got him in this picture, but if you know Paul, you know he’s always got a pen.


We don’t plan on making Joey’s dad switch to pine salt toothpaste, but think we will wind up making him a batch of our beard oil we whip up every few months for Joey’s massive beard. It will fit perfectly in his new do pep kit for sure.

Have you figured out Father’s Day yet? Any special plans? Any ideas on what to do in Nashville?

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  2. With fathers day around the corner I needed some ideas and inspiration. Thank you! Glad you were able to spend time with your fathers on their special day.

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