Front Porch Fresh Up

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April 8, 2015
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Front Porch Fresh Up

Compensation for this post provided by T.J .Maxx via Mode Media, but all opinions expressed are solely the author’s.

Hello friends! Happy Spring. We were lucky enough to run off to Florida last week and soak in the good weather and then return to Nashville to be greeted by the beautiful spring breeze and sunshine. I realized something while “home” in Boca Raton; I miss plants. A lot. Living in New York, we failed a bunch at plants and even here in Nashville. You may remember we planted a tree when we bought our new home a year ago. Well, the weeping pussy willow is beyond tears and is dead now. Somehow every inch of Boca is covered in thriving, beautiful buds and I was eager to snatch that up and bring it back to Nashville with hopes of refreshing our very winter-looking porch. I front porch I making a house a home I front porch ideas I making a house a home

Besides Atlas’ chalk art and the Christmas lights I refuse to remove because they make me too happy, our porch is looking a little, well, eh. I florida plants I making a house a home

I rounded up a list of off-the-beaten-path nurseries between Miami and Boynton Beach, and I learned a lot about the place I was brought up in that I never knew before. There is an entire underground off-road world of Boca, and it’s pretty fascinating. The first stop was in Boynton at an easy-to-find place called Tropical World Nursery. The nursery is vast and loaded with so many amazing rare plants and a few chickens too. The picture above is Atlas in love with it all. He kept saying “leaf!”. Sadly the woman working wasn’t very interested in us being there, which made us rush a bit. But not before we snagged this photo and a few hanging plants for the house. I atlas loves plants I making a house a home

I basically had to go to a secret location in Delray off two dirt roads after calling a number to be given an undisclosed address to find a really kind husband and wife team to help me stock up on stag horn ferns and teach me a thing or two about mounting plants. I loaded as much as I could fit in a box and left filled with hope of not killing these gorgeous creatures. After picking some growth from my dad’s palm trees and getting them home to Nashville alive, I began practicing mounting at home, and I am addicted now. I mounted plants I making a house a home

Before I went plant crazy on the porch, we had to give it  a good cleaning and figure out what to do with the bare space. We headed over to T.J. Maxx and got a really great hand sweep and tray for $8 a pop. One is made in Germany, and the other in Italy, and they are both rad. I figure even utilitarian things should be beautiful, especially because it makes cleaning more fun. I tjmaxx cleaning supplies I making a house a home

We then snagged these two pillows for $16 a pop and they fit so perfectly with our jute rug and “outside” blanket. I outdoor pillows I making a house a home

This table runner was $12 and just happened to match perfectly despite being a totally different brand. The “Joey” head vintage planter made it outside. Yes, that’s a “Florida” plant. I patio runner I making a house a home

It’s silly but true. I about squealed when I came upon these clearance kitchen towels for $4 (for the pair). I bought them all. I plan to use them in the bathroom. Watch me break the rules. I tjmaxx turkish towel I making a house a home

For $50 in textiles and some fresh plants, the porch feels very ready for us now. We have already been hanging out and enjoying it every day since the spruce up. Here are some tips to get you inspired to freshen up your outdoor space:

Tips to make your outdoor space feel like an additional room!

  1. If you have a covered area, add some textiles. We love having pillows and blankets on the porch, they make it feel like an additional room of the house.
  2. Plants and planters may seem excessive when you are already outside, but it’s such a fun way to add color and life in a clean and curated way.
  3. Throw a huge rug down instead of a tiny mat to make the space feel more grounded
  4. Adding a runner to an outdoor table changes the vibe immediately from casual to intentional. Try it when you host your next gathering for a put together a BBQ or porch coffee gathering.



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